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Short Trips - Volume I was a 2010 anthological release by Big Finish Productions. It began a series of double-disc audios, each of which contained a single short story for each of the Doctor's first eight incarnations. Like all releases in the 2010-11 series of Short Trip anthologies, the majority of the stories on Volume 1 were from authors new to Big Finish. Except for Colin Baker and George Mann, the authors featured on this release had been chosen after having responded to Big Finish's open invitation for submissions.[1]

Each story was read by an actor closely associated with the particular incarnation of the Doctor who was featured in that story. However, the actor involved did not necessarily portray the character for which they were most famous. For instance, Katy Manning read the Third Doctor story on this volume, but it in no way involved Jo Grant.

Publisher's summary[]

Get ready for eight fantastic new adventures in space and time with the Doctor and his companions, featuring stories from many of Doctor Who's most popular authors from the worlds of television, print, comics and audio, as well as new talent and fresh voices... and read by your favourite Big Finish actors!


# Title Author Performer Doctor Featuring Released
1.1 Rise and Fall George Mann William Russell 1st Susan, Barbara, Ian November 2010
1.2 A Stain of Red in the Sand David A McEwan David Troughton 2nd Zoe
1.3 A True Gentleman Jamie Hailstone Katy Manning 3rd
1.4 Death-Dealer Damian Sawyer Louise Jameson 4th Leela
1.5 The Deep Ally Kennen Peter Davison 5th Nyssa
1.6 The Wings of a Butterfly Colin Baker Colin Baker 6th
1.7 Police and Shreeves Adam Smith Sophie Aldred 7th Ace
1.8 Running Out of Time Dorothy Koomson India Fisher 8th



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