"Short Trips" was a label applied to stories and books, published by both BBC Books and Big Finish Productions. Early publications released under the "Short Trips" banner were short story anthologies. The majority of these anthologies were collections of prose issued from 1998 to 2009, but Big Finish resurrected the name as a label for audio anthologies and single audio downloads beginning in 2010.

BBC Books Edit

"Short Trips" was a name initially given to three short story anthologies published by BBC Books, starting in 1999. The notion was very similar to Virgin Books' Decalog anthology series. These three new books were published in conjunction with the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures and BBC Past Doctor Adventures book series. Each book contained stories featuring the first eight incarnations of the Doctor. After publishing the anthology Short Trips and Side Steps in March 2000, BBC Books abandoned short stories for full length prose.

BBC Audio Edit

BBC Audio also released a few collections of stories adapted from the print books, plus a few originals, in audio format.

# Title Format stories Released
1 Short Trips double cassette 6 1998
2 Earth and Beyond 3 7 September 1998
3 Out of the Darkness audio CD 3 November 1998
4 Tales from the TARDIS: Volume One MP3-CD 9 (+3 novels) 19 July 2004
5 Tales from the TARDIS: Volume Two 3 (+4 novels)
6 Tales from the TARDIS audio CD 2 2008

Big Finish Productions Edit

In 2002, Big Finish Productions obtained the rights to the Short Trips series. The Big Finish Short Trips books, like the Decalog series, are built around themes. These include an annual volume dedicated to Christmas-related tales and one volume dedicated to Dalek stories. A total of twenty-eight volumes of new material — featuring several hundred stories featuring the first eight Doctors — were published by March 2009.

On 17 April 2009, Big Finish announced it was ending the Short Trips line, since the BBC had not renewed the company's license to issue Doctor Who stories in print. [1] A final Short Trips volume, a "best-of" collection, subsequently appeared in May 2009, coinciding with Big Finish briefly making its back stock of earlier Short Trips books available at a discounted rate.

CD releases Edit

In less than a year, however, Big Finish revived the Short Trips format, this time as exclusive-to-audio readings of short stories, most performed by veteran cast members. It began by soliciting stories from fans, though seasoned writers also contributed stories (along with one short story from Colin Baker). Unlike almost every thing else produced by Big Finish, they feature only one actor reading a story, being audiobooks rather than audio dramas. All in the regular series are original to audio, and have not previously appeared in print.

Monthly series Edit

Starting in January 2015, new Short Trips have been released as monthly individual downloads.

Series 5 Edit

Main article: Series 5 (ST)
# Title Author Performer Doctor Featuring Released
5.1 Flywheel Revolution Dale Smith Peter Purves 1st 5 January 2015
5.2 Little Doctors Philip Lawrence Frazer Hines 2nd Jamie, Zoe 6 February 2015
5.3 Time Tunnel Nigel Fairs Katy Manning 3rd Jo, the Brig, Yates, Benton 5 March 2015
5.4 The Ghost Trap Nick Wallace Louise Jameson 4th Leela 6 April 2015
5.5 The King of the Dead Ian Atkins Sarah Sutton 5th Nyssa, Tegan 5 May 2015
5.6 The Shadows of Serenity Nigel Robinson Nicola Bryant 6th Peri 10 June 2015
5.7 Dark Convoy Mark B Oliver Sophie Aldred 7th Ace 20 July 2015
5.8 Foreshadowing Julian Richards India Fisher 8th Charley, Yates 31 August 2015
5.9 Etheria Nick Wallace Peter Purves 1st Vicki, Steven 24 September 2015
5.10 The Way of the Empty Hand Julian Richards Frazer Hines 2nd Jamie, Zoe 22 October 2015
5.11 The Other Woman Philip Lawrence Katy Manning 3rd Jo, the Brig 20 November 2015
5.12 Black Dog Dale Smith Louise Jameson 4th Leela 23 December 2015

Series 6 Edit

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# Title Author Performer Doctor Featuring Released
6.1 Gardens of the Dead Jenny T Colgan Mark Strickson 5th Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Black Guardian 28 January 2016
6.2 Prime Winner Nigel Fairs Nicola Bryant 6th Peri 25 February 2016
6.3 Washington Burns Julian Richards Sophie Aldred 7th Ace 24 March 2016
6.4 The Curse of the Fugue Alice Cavender Sheridan Smith 8th Lucie 21 April 2016
6.5 This Sporting Life Una McCormack Peter Purves 1st Steven, Dodo 31 May 2016
6.6 Lost and Found Penelope Faith Anneke Wills 2nd Ben, Polly 16 June 2016
6.7 The Blame Game Ian Atkins Rufus Hound 3rd Liz, the Monk 26 July 2016
6.8 Damascus Jonathan Barnes Tim Treloar 3rd Jeremy Thorpe, Jo, UNIT 30 August 2016
6.9 A Full Life Joseph Lidster Matthew Waterhouse 4th Adric, Romana II, K9 29 September 2016
6.10 Rulebook Tony Jones Nicola Bryant 5th Peri 19 October 2016
6.11 The Man Who Wasn't There Ian Atkins India Fisher 8th Charley 30 November 2016
6.12 The Hesitation Deviation James Goss Lisa Bowerman 7th Benny 23 December 2016
6.X Forever Fallen Joshua Wanisko Nicholas Briggs 7th Ace 29 December 2016

Series 7 Edit

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# Title Author Performer Doctor Featuring Released
7.1 The World Beyond the Trees Jonathan Barnes Nicola Walker 8th Liv, Molly, Jeremy Thorpe 31 January 2017
7.2 Gardeners' Worlds George Mann Tim Treloar 3rd Jo, Yates 28 February 2017
7.3 / 7.4 The Jago & Litefoot Revival Jonathan Barnes Trevor Baxter, Christopher Benjamin 10th, 11th Jago, Litefoot, Ellie
26 March 2017 (Act one)
4 April 2017 (Act two)
7.5 Falling Anneke Wills 1st Ben, Polly 30 May 2017
7.6 How to Win Planets and Influence People James Goss Rufus Hound 4th The Monk, Sarah Jane, Harry 29 June 2017
7.7 Flashpoint Andrew Smith Sheridan Smith 8th Lucie 13 July 2017
7.8 The British Invasion Ian Potter Wendy Padbury 2nd Jamie, Zoe, Vardans 29 August 2017
7.9 A Heart on Both Sides Rob Nisbet Sarah Sutton 8th Nyssa 27 September 2017
7.10 All Hands on Deck Eddie Robson Carole Ann Ford 8th Susan 3 October 2017
7.11 The Ingenious Gentleman Adric of Alzarius Julian Richards Matthew Waterhouse 5th Adric, Nyssa, Tegan 7 November 2017
7.12 O Tannenbaum Anthony Keetch Peter Purves 1st Steven 22 December 2017
7.X Landbound Selim Ulug Nicholas Briggs 3rd None 29 December 2017

Series 8 Edit

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# Title Author Performer Doctor Featuring Released
8.1 The Authentic Experience Dan Starkey Nicola Bryant 6th Peri 30 January 2018
8.2 Mel-evolent Simon A. Forward Bonnie Langford Mel 28 February 2018
8.3 The Turn of the Screw Eddie Robson Yee Jee Tso 8th Charlie Sato, Ruth Matheson 28 March 2018
8.4 Erasure Gary Russell Seán Carlsen 4th Adric, Narvin 30 April 2018
8.5 Trap For Fools Stephen Fewell Mark Strickson 5th Turlough 30 May 2018
8.6 The Siege of Big Ben Joseph Lidster Camille Coduri Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor Jackie 29 June 2018
8.7 The Darkened Earth John Pritchard Miranda Raison 6th Constance 30 July 2018
8.8 Flight Into Hull! Joseph Lidster Camille Coduri Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor Jackie 2 August 2018
8.9 A Small Semblance of Home Paul Phipps Carole Ann Ford 1st Ian, Barbara, Susan 27 September 2018
8.10 I Am The Master Geoffrey Beevers Geoffrey Beevers 4th The Master 28 October 2018
8.11 The Mistpuddle Murders Simon A. Forward Sarah Sutton 5th Nyssa, Tegan 29 November 2018
8.12 The Devil's Footprints Penelope Faith Bonnie Langford 7th Mel 21 December 2018
8.X The Last Day at Work Harry Draper Nicholas Briggs 2nd Jamie 29 December 2018

Series 9 Edit

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# Title Author Performer Doctor Featuring Released
9.1 The Revisionists Andy Frankham-Allen Louise Jameson 4th Leela, the Brig 31 January 2019
9.2 The Astrea Conspiracy Lizbeth Myles Neve McIntosh 12th Aphra Behn 28 February 2019
9.3 Doctors and Dragons Alfie Shaw Sophie Aldred 7th Ace 27 March 2019
9.4 Year of the Drex Olympics Paul Ebbs Frazer Hines 2nd Jamie, Victoria 16 April 2019
9.5 Under ODIN's Eye Alice Cavender Nicola Bryant 6th Peri 30 May 2019
9.6 The Same Face Julian Richards Katy Manning 3rd Jo 27 June 2019
9.7 Battle Scars Selim Ulug Nicholas Briggs 9th 31 July 2019
9.8 #HarrySullivan Eddie Robson Louise Jameson 4th Sarah, Harry 29 August 2019

Subscriber exclusives Edit

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In addition to the above, several stories taken from the Short Trips books (up to Tweaker) have had readings recorded and made available for special subscriber-only downloads.[2] In December 2014, Big Finish announced a retroactive expansion of the subscriber exclusives with stories written specially for audio (from A Room with No View onwards). The expansion resulted in having four subscriber exclusives per year from 2010 onward.[3] All successive stories were also written specially for audio.

Rarities Edit

Main article: Short Trips Rarities

Starting in September 2016, Big Finish began re-releasing their Subscriber Short Trips stories in the Short Trips Rarities series.[4]

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