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Short Trips was a collection of six audio stories. It was released in 1998 on a double-cassette. The stories were read by Nicholas Courtney and Sophie Aldred.

Publisher's summary[]

Join the Doctor and his friends in a selection of exciting short stories through time and space!

Freedom by Steve Lyons

The Third Doctor faces the Master and a conflict of interests in a mysterious prison...

Model Train Set by Jonathan Blum

The Eighth Doctor comes up against some very old problems...

Glass by Tara Samms

An ordinary woman is plagued by a sinister apparition...

Degrees of Truth by David A. McIntee

The Brigadier faces a deadly confrontation in a story exclusive to this cassette...

Stop the Pigeon by Robert Perry and Mike Tucker

The Seventh Doctor is embroiled in a bizarre battle to save Earth...

Old Flames by Paul Magrs

The Fourth Doctor meets a mischievous acquaintance from his past...


Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
Freedom Steve Lyons Third Doctor Jo Grant, The Brigadier, John Benton 1998
Model Train Set Jonathan Blum Eighth Doctor
Glass Tara Samms Fourth Doctor Romana II
Degrees of Truth David A. McIntee Third Doctor The Brigadier
Stop the Pigeon Robert Perry, Mike Tucker Seventh Doctor Ace, The Master
Old Flames Paul Magrs Fourth Doctor Sarah Jane, Iris Wildthyme