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Short Trips: Zodiac was a short story collection released in 2002 by Big Finish Productions.

It marked the first release of Doctor Who prose fiction by Big Finish, which previously had only produced audio dramas based upon the series. It was a continuation of a concept first introduced by Virgin Books with its Virgin Decalogs series, and then carried on by BBC Books with its three volumes of Short Trips collections.

Publisher's summary[]

Take a TARDIS trip through the constellations, as the Doctor travels to twelve thrilling tales inspired by the mystical zodiac.

Telepathic fish, miniature lions and twin planets are the least of his problems, as the Doctor — all eight of him — faces the Capricorn Killer, endures a mindswap with the Machiavellian Master, and dances with Death herself.

And that's not the half of it — as the two K9s can attest.

This collection features twelve exclusive short stories from well-known names in Doctor Who fiction — including acclaimed novelist and Booker nominee Paul Magrs, alongside Simon A. Forward, Mark Michalowski, Paul Leonard and Joseph Lidster — as well as fresh new voices.


# Title Author Doctor Featuring
- Introduction and links Jim Sangster Kasterborus
1 The True and Indisputable Facts in the Matter of the Ram's Skull Mark Michalowski 1st Ian, Barbara
2 Growing Higher Paul Leonard 8th Fitz
3 Twin Piques Tony Keetch 2nd Jamie
4 Still Lives Ian Potter 3rd Liz, The Brig
5 Constant Companion Simon A. Forward 2nd Jamie, Zoe
6 Virgin Lands Sarah Groenewegen 7th Ace, Benny
7 The Switching Simon Guerrier 3rd Jo
8 Jealous, Possessive Paul Magrs K9 Mark I, K9 Mark II
9 Five Card Draw Todd Green 5th Peri
10 I Was a Monster!!! Joseph Lidster 4th Romana II
11 The Invertebrates of Doom Andrew Collins 7th Mel
12 The Stabber Alison Lawson 6th Peri

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