Short Trips: The History of Christmas was the fifteenth Short Trips anthology published by Big Finish Productions.

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Christmas is a time for many things. For family and old acquaintances. For giving, for receiving, for feasts and celebration. For huddling round the warmth of the fire, sheltered from the dark and the cold outside.

And the monsters.

It's also the busiest time of year for the mysterious Doctor, whether he's caught-up in the violence of ancient Rome, taking Leonardo da Vinci on a day-trip to the stars, or popping in on the very first Christmas on the moon.

Spend Christmas with the Doctor. If you dare.

Stories Edit

Title Author Doctor Featuring
The Lampblack Wars Matthew Sweet 3rd Sarah
Home Fires Jonathan Blum 6th
The Feast Stewart Sheargold 2nd Ben, Polly
Rome Marcus Flavin 5th Tegan, Turlough
Set in Stone Charles Auchterlonie, John Isles 1st Ian, Barbara
The Thousand Years of Christmas Simon Bucher-Jones 3rd Jo
Presence Peter Anghelides 7th Ace, Hex
Danse Macabre Joff Brown 3rd
The Church of Saint Sebastian Robert Smith? 5th Nyssa
The Prodigal Sun Matthew Griffiths 4th Leela
Be Good for Goodness's Sake Samantha Baker 8th Charley
Ode to Joy Jonathan Clements 4th
Nobody's Gift Kate Orman 7th
The Innocents Marc Platt Unbound Doctor Unbound Susan
Comforts of Home Pete Kempshall 5th Turlough
Christmas on the Moon Simon Guerrier 6th Evelyn
The Anchorite's Echo Scott Andrews 7th Ace
The Revolutionaries John S. Drew 2nd Jamie
The Gift Robert Dick 1st Susan
Callahuanca Richard Salter 4th
Not in My Back Yard Eddie Robson 8th
She Won't Be Home Joseph Lidster 6th
Saint Nicholas's Bones Xanna Eve Chown 2nd Jamie, Victoria
The Long Midwinter Philip Purser-Hallard 8th Gemma, Samson

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