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Short Trips: The Ghosts of Christmas was the twenty-second Short Trips anthology published by Big Finish Productions.

Publisher's summary[]

Christmas. A time for home. For family. For laughter...

Everybody has special memories of Christmas but for others it brings shadows of things that should not have been. Unearthly visitors who open their eyes to new worlds and new experiences. Pantomime coats, robot dogs and a big blue box parked beneath the Christmas tree.

Some think these fleeting guests are apparitions. Some think they are angels. Some think they are demons. But all know that Christmas will never be the same again.

The Doctor and his companions travel to Christmas Past, Christmas Present and those Christmases Yet to Come. They bring festive laughter and Yuletide joy, creeping dread and screaming horror, slipping in and out of time like the ghosts of Christmas...

Christmas. A time for terror. For fear. For ghosts...


# Title Author Doctor Featuring
1 Faithful Friends: Part 1 Cavan Scott & Mark Wright 3rd The Brig, Benton
2 But Once a Year Colin Harvey 7th Ace
3 For the Man Who Has Everything Dan Abnett 8th
4 Tell Me You Love Me Scott Matthewman 1st Susan, Ian, Barbara
5 The Cutty Wren Ann Kelly 2nd Jamie, Victoria
6 Do You Dream in Colour? Gary Russell Ben, Polly
7 The Nobility of Faith Jonathan Clements 4th
8 24 Crawford Street Ian Farrington 7th Mel
9 The Sommerton Fetch Peter Anghelides 3rd Jo
10 Faithful Friends: Part 2 Cavan Scott & Mark Wright The Brig, Doris
11 Dear Great Uncle Peter Neil Corry 4th Leela
12 Do You Believe in the Krampus? Xanna Eve Chown 5th Turlough
13 They Fell Scott Handcock 8th Charley
14 The Christmas Presence Simon Barnard & Paul Morris 2nd Jamie
15 Snowman in Manhattan John Binns 1st Vicki, Steven
16 The Crackers Richard Salter 6th Evelyn
17 Jigsaw Michael Abberton 3rd Jo
18 Dr Cadabra Trevor Baxendale 6th Mel
19 Far Away in a Manger Iain McLaughlin 5th Peri, Erimem
20 All Snug in Their Beds Scott Alan Woodard 4th Romana II, K9 Mark II
21 Decorative Purposes Eddie Robson 8th Lucie
22 The Stars Our Contamination Steven Savile 6th Peri
23 Keeping It Real Joseph Lidster 5th Tegan
24 Christmas Every Day? Mark Magrs 7th
25 Faithful Friends: Part 3 Cavan Scott & Mark Wright 8th Charley, Liz, Jo, The Brig, Yates, Benton, Osgood, Emily Chaudhry

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