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Short Trips: Seven Deadly Sins was the twelfth Short Trips anthology published by Big Finish Productions.

Publisher's summary[]

The darker side of human nature is a terrible place. Its twisted pathways and dismal corners lie ready to lead even the most virtuous traveller astray. And when someone makes just one wrong step, the darkness is quick to close in and engulf them...

Between these covers, you will find seven tales of vice, exploring the dark places at the edge of the universe. The Doctor tries to stand against the tide, to bring even a chink of light, of hope, but what good is it when he cannot even save himself from the seven deadly sins?

Alone, these seven stories tell terrible tales of misadventure, misdeed and misery — together, they reveal an even darker story...

sins n. : 1: the breaking of divine or moral law, esp. by a conscious act. 2: an offence against good taste or propriety.

"You can't expect perfection, not even from me!" - Doctor Who: The Face of Evil by Chris Boucher

If there were no sin in the universe, there would be nothing for the Doctor to fight against. Wrongdoing, in one form or another, is what the Doctor sets out to stop. But the seven deadly sins are more than simply crimes or misconduct — they are pure, selfish emotions, unstoppable forces of desire. And humanity is nothing if not a slave to its desire.

Meet poor, dying Agatha, whose crippling envy of others' health is sending her mad; and the tribal chief whose burning hatred and craving for revenge is so powerful it twists reality. Witness the true-life crimes of Dead Man's Chestington and Black-Eyed Susan; and the hideous results of an eating contest gone horribly wrong. An old friend returns, and her inescapable infatuation reaches dizzying new heights — while the object of her affection makes his own tragic mistakes. And, throughout everything, there are those who are just trying to make a dishonest buck...

Seven Deadly Sins plumbs the depths of humanity's dark side. And it is also the tale of those who have travelled through time and space to hear the stories contained herein — and to relish the taste of their subjects' wretchedness...


# Title Author Doctor Featuring
1 The Duke's Folly Gareth Wigmore 1st Susan, Ian, Barbara
2 That Witch Went Away Mark Wright 2nd Jamie, Zoe
3 Angel Tara Samms 3rd Jo
4 Suitors, Inc. Paul Magrs 4th Romana II, K9 Mark II, Sarah, Harry, Iris Wildthyme
5 The 57th John Binns 5th Nyssa
6 Telling Tales David Bailey 6th Peri
7 Too Rich for My Blood Rebecca Levene 7th Benny, Chris
8 Seven Deadly Sins Jacqueline Rayner 8th

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