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Short Trips: Re:Collections - The Best of Short Trips was an anthology of previously-published Doctor Who short stories in the Big Finish Productions Short Trips series of books. Re:Collections was published in May 2009 as an epitaph to the long-running book series, which Big Finish had discontinued following the BBC not renewing the licence for them to publish original short prose fiction based upon Doctor Who.

In 2010 Big Finish revived the Short Trips concept as an audiobook series.

The book contains 28 short stories, one from each of the 28 Short Trips volumes.

Publisher's summary[]

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# Title Author Doctor Featuring
1 I Was a Monster!!! Joseph Lidster 4th Romana II
2 Apocrypha Bipedium Ian Potter 8th Charley, Vicki
3 Face-Painter Tara Samms 2nd Jamie, Victoria
4 The Glass Princess Justin Richards 1st Second Doctor, Third Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Fifth Doctor, Sixth Doctor, Seventh Doctor, Eighth Doctor
5 The Ruins of Heaven Marc Platt 6th Peri
6 The Thief of Sherwood Jonathan Morris 1st Susan, Ian, Barbara
7 The Age of Ambition Andy Campbell 2nd Jamie, Victoria
8 The Dead Man's Story Andy Frankham-Allen 3rd Jeremy
9 Flashpoint Matt Grady 5th Liz
10 Thinking Warrior Huw Wilkins 8th
11 All Our Christmases Steve Lyons 1st
12 Suitors, Inc. Paul Magrs 4th Romana II, K9
13 How You Get There Simon Guerrier 7th Benny
14 Venus Stuart Manning 8th Charley
15 The Lampblack Wars Matthew Sweet 3rd Sarah
16 Life After Queth Matt Kimpton 5th Tegan
17 Checkpoint Stel Pavlou 4th Romana II
18 The Avant Guardian Eddie Robson 2nd Jamie, Zoe
19 Museum Peace James Swallow 8th Kalendorf
20 Midnight in the Café of the Black Madonna Sean Williams 3rd
21 The Glarn Strategy Brian Dooley 4th Romana I
22 Dear Great Uncle Peter Neil Corry Leela
23 Losing the Audience Mat Coward 1st Susan
24 The Spindle of Necessity Allyn Gibson 6th
25 Lonely Richard Wright 8th
26 Lares Domestici Anna Bratton 2nd
27 Lost and Founded Andrew Pidoux 3rd Jo
28 The Fall of the Druids David N Smith 5th Tegan, Turlough, Kamelion



  • The final story in the book, The Fall of the Druids, was reprinted only two months after its initial publication in the previous Short Trips book.