Short Trips: Defining Patterns was the twenty-third Short Trips anthology published by Big Finish Productions.

Publisher's summary Edit

The known universe is home to countless trillions of lives, all interweaving with each other and affecting the line of history. When someone makes a decision, no matter how significant or seemingly irrelevant, they cause unknown effects throughout the ages...

Perhaps other, unreachable, factors are at play too: does the universe have a destiny? Are we all predetermined to follow a particular path? Do we reap what we sow or is it a case of what will be will be? Are coincidences really just that, or do we miss their deeper meanings?

Everywhere he looks, the Doctor sees the same patterns — the same events, decisions and actions cropping up again and again. Look at the bigger picture, however, and maybe — just maybe — you'll see how the universe works. How the universe lives...

But, as the Doctor and his companions discover, are these patterns really there? Or do we, by the very nature of seeing them, define them?

Individual stories Edit

Title Author Featuring
Machine Time George Ivanoff Fourth Doctor
The Time and Tide Neil Corry Seventh Doctor, Ace
Losing the Audience Mat Coward First Doctor, Susan Foreman
One Card for the Curious Xanna Eve Chown Seventh Doctor, Ace
Séance, or Smoking is Highly Addictive, Don't Start John Davies Seventh Doctor, Ace
The Celestial Harmony Engine Ian Briggs Seventh Doctor
Mutiny Robert Dick Harry Sullivan
Numb Dave Owen Third Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith
Closing the Account Stephen Hatcher Seventh Doctor
The Great Escapes Simon Guerrier Lucie Miller
Loose Change Steven Savile Sixth Doctor
Lepidoptery for Beginners John Dorney Second Doctor, Jamie, Zoe Heriot
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back Chris Thomas Second Doctor, Fifth Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, Turlough
Homework Michael Coen Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, Zoe Heriot
The Devil Like a Bear Brian Willis Seventh Doctor
Stanley Lizzie Hopley Fourth Doctor, Leela
Twilight's End Cavan Scott & Mark Wright Seventh Doctor, Nimrod
The Book of My Life Ian Mond Sixth Doctor
Defining Patterns Ian Farrington Sixth Doctor, Emily Chaudhry, Will Hoffman

Notes Edit

  • Michael Coen was the winner of a competition run by Big Finish to find new writing talent.

Audio release Edit

An audio version of Lepidoptery for Beginners, read by Duncan Wisbey, was recorded by Big Finish Productions and released as a free download for subscribers in October 2010, alongside A Death in the Family.[1] Additionally, a reading of Twilight's End by Beth Chalmers was released to subscribers whose subscription included Robophobia in August 2011.

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