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Short Trips: Dalek Empire was the nineteenth Short Trips anthology published by Big Finish Productions.

Publisher's summary[]

Everybody remembers Doctor Who's most terrifying monsters, the metallic, murderous Daleks!

Here they are again in a collection of ripping yarns that draw upon the events and themes of Big Finish Productions' acclaimed series Dalek Empire.

But never fear, no prior knowledge is necessary. The good Doctor in his many incarnations is on hand to guide us through the terrible events before, after and during the Daleks' ruthless onslaught.


# Title Author Doctor Featuring
1 Kalendorf Nicholas Briggs Kalendorf
2 Natalie's Diary Joseph Lidster 7th Ace, Hex
3 Alby Sharon Gosling Alby, Ernst Tanlee
4 Private Investigations Ian Farrington 7th Ace
5 Suz Sharon Gosling Suz, Kalendorf
6 The Best Joke I Ever Told Simon Guerrier 6th Mel
7 Hide and Seek Ian Farrington 3rd Jo
8 The Eighth Wonder of the World Simon Guerrier 6th Evelyn
9 Mutually Assured Survival Justin Richards Selestru
10 Museum Peace James Swallow 8th Kalendorf



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