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Short Trips: Christmas Around the World was the twenty-seventh Short Trips anthology published by Big Finish Productions.

Publisher's summary[]

Christmas is a time for festivities, family and fun. It's also a time for action, adventures... and aliens. Spend Christmas with the Doctor as he joins the celebrations around the globe, from the pagan past to the distant future, taking in the frozen waters of the Arctic, the rainforests of Papua New Guinea and even a trip to the planet Gloricious. Christmas is an interesting time of year when the Doctor's about. In fact, it's out of this world.

With a foreword by Paul Cornell who has written several episodes of the new Doctor Who TV series.

Featuring twenty new Doctor Who stories featuring the first eight Doctors and their companions.


# Title Author Doctor Featuring
1 Planet of Elves John Binns 4th Adric
2 Exclave Joff Brown 6th Peri
3 A Visit from Saint Nicholas Lisa Miles 3rd Sarah, The Brig
4 Instead of You Laurence Donaghy 7th Ace
5 Christmas Every Day Jason Arnopp 4th Leela
6 Mirth, or Walking Spirits Gareth Wigmore 2nd Jamie, Zoe
7 Do You Smell Carrots? Simon Guerrier 1st Steven, Fifth Doctor
8 The Doctor's Cross Word JJ Secker 4th
9 Dateline to Deadline Ian Farrington 3rd
10 Autaia Pipipi Pia Beverley Allen 4th Sarah
11 No Room Rebecca Levene 7th Chris
12 Interesting Times Eddie Robson 3rd Sarah
13 Revellers of Doom Matthew Griffiths 6th Evelyn
14 Lost and Founded Andrew Pidoux 3rd Jo
15 The Best of Days David Cromarty 7th Ace
16 Conscription William Potter 4th Sarah
17 Christmas in Toronto Andrew Cartmel 7th
18 Companion James Moran 8th
19 Illumination David Bailey Izzy
20 White on White Kate Orman 1st Steven

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