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Short Trips: A Day in the Life was the thirteenth Short Trips anthology published by Big Finish Productions. It contained seventeen short stories.

Publisher's summary[]

When you're time travellers, the concept of a day — from midnight to midnight — can get lost: the Doctor and his companions arrive on different planets in different eras at different times of the day. They can show up during someone's lunch break or when they're asleep, at the breaking of dawn or the coming of night.

Throughout his adventures, the Doctor meets many people — security guards on a night shift, mysterious space travellers riding the vortex, mobs of blobby Kobolds, a family sitting down to watch TV — but all too often their interaction is brief, a fleeting connection in the web of history.

Time, it seems, is very much of the essence...

day n. : 1: a period of twenty-four hours as a unit of time, esp. from midnight to midnight. 2: a point of time.

"I can't make your dream come true forever, but I can make it come true today." - Doctor Who by Matthew Jacobs

In the early hours of the morning, a rock star gives a one-off comeback performance within a virtual-reality dreamscape... Over breakfast, a woman waits for the love of her life to walk through the doors of a café... The afternoon sees vital peace talks between two warring factors... A new UNIT recruit faces a terror at dusk on his first day on the job...

A Day in the Life features seventeen stories whose total "running time" adds up to a single twenty-four-hour period: a fictional "day in the life of the universe" made up of fragments from throughout time and space.

As we leave one story and join the next, we switch location and era — but not the hands on the clock...


# Title Author Doctor Featuring
1 After Midnight Andy Russell 8th Charley, C'rizz
2 Sold Out Danny Oz 6th Mel
3 Undercurrents Gary Merchant 2nd Jamie, Zoe
4 The Five O'Clock Shadow Nev Fountain The Doctor
5 The Sooner the Better Ian Farrington 4th Leela
6 Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast Dan Abnett 7th Ace, Hex
7 The Heroine, the Hero and the Megalomaniac Ian Mond 8th Charley, Seventh Doctor, Ace, Hex
8 Waiting for Jeremy Richard Salter 1st Steven
9 A Life in the Day Xanna Eve Chown 5th Peri
10 Morphology Phil Pascoe 3rd Jo, Osgood
11 Making History Trevor Baxendale 1st Steven
12 One Wednesday Afternoon Alison Jacobs 5th Turlough
13 How You Get There Simon Guerrier 7th Benny
14 The Last Broadcast Matthew Griffiths 4th Sarah, Harry
15 The Terror of the Darkness Joseph Lidster 6th Emily Chaudhry, Will Hoffman
16 Visiting Hours Eddie Robson 2nd Jamie
17 Before Midnight Rebecca Levene 8th Charley, C'rizz

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