Short-Change was a Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor comic story published in 2015.

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While at the supermarket, Amy's human cashier begins turning into distinctly non-human creatures and she calls the Doctor to find out what's going on.

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In the checkout line at Shops!, the cashier asks Amy Pond for her loyalty card. While searching for it, the cashier transforms into a purple skinned alien. Amy immediately excuses herself to call the Doctor and demand an explanation. The Doctor reveals that he took a stroll at the dawn of human civilisation and accidentally started an intergalactic space-war which is causing human history to change every time something blows up. The cashier turns into a robot while Amy is on the phone and the Doctor advises Amy to continue on her day as normal, but she points out she can't because she just turned into a dinosaur. At the end of the call the cashier, now a chicken, squawks at her and Amy complains she can't lock her phone because she no longer has thumbs.

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