You may be looking for their homeworld or Shlangiian.

The Shlangii were mercenaries, and considered the most feared ones in the known universe. Their homeworld was also known as Shlangii.

To take back the crown of Levithia, Graff Vynda-K wanted to obtain jethrik so he could fund an army, which he thought could include mercenaries from Shlangii. (TV: The Ribos Operation)

A number of Shlangii were stationed on Ry'leh to guard Azathoth. They were unreceptive to new ideas, and therefore were considered unsusceptible to her mind control. However, some were converted into her service anyway and helped her escape her prison in Kadath in the Cold Wastes. (PROSE: All-Consuming Fire)

While examining a spaceship, Chris Cwej wondered if it was of Shlangiian design before recognising it as a Hith ship. (PROSE: Original Sin)

The Sixth Doctor used a Shlangiian power cell and a roll of copper wire to investigate electrical disturbances from the fogou at Lanyon Moor. (AUDIO: The Spectre of Lanyon Moor)

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