Shivani Bajwa, later Shivani Singh, was a teacher at Coal Hill School and a brief companion of the First Doctor.

Shivani immigrated to the United Kingdom as a child in the 1950s with her mother and father.

As an adult, she taught at Coal Hill School. In 1963, she met the First Doctor when he came to the school looking for his granddaughter. Together they fought an invasion of aliens that looked like wolves. Shivani briefly transformed into one of the creatures before the Doctor reminded her of her humanity and enabled her to transform back into herself. After the invasion, she sent a constable to check on the Doctor at Susan's address and thanked the substitute supply teacher for putting the ladder in the supply room that aided their escape.

Over the next fifty years of her life she met the Doctor many more times throughout his various incarnations and he always brought her a fresh bouquet of white roses. She once noted when the Twelfth Doctor met up with her without Sarah Jane Smith. She and the Twelfth Doctor then shared tea on the roof of Coal Hill School and she informed him that the school was being torn down to build Coal Hill Academy. (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Horror of Coal Hill)

Behind the scenes[]

Notes from Shivani appear in the launderette on Totter's Lane in the video game The Edge of Time.