Shiri was a "small man with a speech impediment" who resembled a dwarf. He was affiliated with Alitha and Zounds. He wielded an axe.

Along with Alitha and Zounds, Shiri became an outcast from society because he resembled a clichéd villain from the stories told by storytellers.

Shiri, Alitha, and Zounds had drinks at the Severed Paw on the day that Grayling Frimlish came to Vadhoc. When they heard Vislor Turlough and Frimlish talking about the Fifth Doctor, they assumed the Doctor to be the Storyteller and took Turlough and Frimlish hostage. Shiri exited the Severed Paw and attempted to demand that the Doctor be handed over in return for the hostages. When nobody understood Shiri, the Doctor read Shiri's parchment and attempted to negotiate for the release of Turlough and Frimlish. At this time, Frimlish revealed himself to be the storyteller that everyone had assumed the Doctor to be.

Upon the request of Shiri, Alitha, and Zounds, Frimlish told a story with them as the heroes. In the story, Shiri was a "tiny axe-wielding maniac with a heart of gold" who had the "ancient maps of his forebears" etched in purple ink all over his body. The fictional Shiri helped Alitha fight off the Moss Demons of the Sussurating Swamps and get through the domain of Desmond the Ogre. (AUDIO: The Last Fairy Tale)

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