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Ship was a spaceship designed by Eve's people with instructions to protect Eve and teach her to control her powers properly.

Technology[edit | edit source]

Ship was an irregular ovoid shape, with an indentation on the back for engines. It was powered by energy from black holes.

Ship had an AI, which appeared as a red humanoid face. It was known as the "Red Demon". It projected itself onto mirrors and read the minds of those it viewed. When fully charged, it could perform more advanced actions, such as altering timelines. (TV: The Mad Woman in the Attic)

Biography[edit | edit source]

During a great war Eve's people and planet were "exterminated" because they could read and manipulate the timelines. Eve's parents designed and built Ship and sent it far across the stars with Eve on board, with instructions to protect her and teach her to use and control her powers when she was old enough.

Ship travelled for a long time before it crashed on Earth, burying itself under a ton of sand and causing massive damage to its systems, leaving it severely weakened. Ship could not care for Eve until her systems rebooted, which would take about twenty years. The immense power Eve had meant that until she was old enough and instructed properly on how to control her powers, she would be a danger to herself and those around her. Eve was found by Harry Sowersby, the caretaker of the local fun fair. After Ship told him the situation, he gladly helped raise Eve on the fun fair's grounds. There she would be safe and able to practice her powers by manipulating the fairground rides at night.

Eve was increasingly lonely and began to control homeless people who wandered into the park at night. When Samuel Lloyd came to the park, Ship read his mind. Since he had talked to Rani Chandra, Ship learned of Sarah Jane Smith and her friends, and believed they could help. Ship had Samuel contact Rani. She found Eve living in the abandoned mine ride. After realising Eve was no threat, but rather an alien refugee, Rani decided to take Eve outside. She believed it was unfair for her to be locked up. Ship tried to frighten Rani and Sarah Jane (who had arrived at the Fairground) by showing Rani her future and reading Sarah Jane's mind. A determined Rani took Eve outside despite Sarah Jane warning her that she didn't know the full story.

Eve, who had never been outside, was overwhelmed by all the new sensations and began to use her abilities more, putting Rani under her control when she declared that because of what Eve was doing, they weren't friends any more. Believing the face in the mirror (Ship) knew what was going on, Sarah Jane and Clyde returned to the staff room where Sarah Jane talked with Ship. Finding that Eve was outside, Ship told them that Eve must be returned. Her powers were too great for her to control at her age, and if she did not stop, they would destroy her.

Eve's powers began to harm her body. Only Ship had the power to stop her so Sam, Clyde and Sarah Jane took her back to the beach where Ship freed itself from deep beneath the sand. Ship told Eve to place her hands on the core and drained off Eve's excess energy, saving her life. Ship told Sarah Jane she needed a black hole to refuel. With K9's help, the artificial black hole he had been monitoring was transferred to power the engines. With Ship repaired, Eve, Harry and Samuel went off to explore the universe, and K9 was finally able to return home to 13 Bannerman Road. (TV: The Mad Woman in the Attic)

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