Krulius Ship

The space ship (COMIC: Monster Hunt)

The space ship was a small ion-drived cruiser which belonged to a Ven Kyuk Nar pilot. It was super fast and almost impossible to detect by long-range sensors. Mr Smith was the only computer on Earth that could detect the ship. It remained invisible towards other radar or telemetric detectors.

In 2009 the Ven Kyuk Nar pilot and his passenger, the Krulius, were on their way through the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. The ship hit an asteroid and was going to crash on Earth. The Krulius saved himself and his data-pods by using his digital bio-converter and uploading himself and the aliens inside the data-pods onto the world wide web. The pilot crashed on Earth but was saved by Sarah Jane Smith and Luke. The ship was invisible so it could not be seen by other lifeforms, but the pilot made sure that it could not be found. He made the ion drive blow up. The ship completely vaporised and vanished. There was nothing left of it. (COMIC: Monster Hunt)

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