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The Shift was an agent sent by either the Great Houses or their enemy to monitor changes in the history of Earth during the War in Heaven. While investigating a change in Earth's timelines, it was wiped from history by Lolita and turned into a Shift. It tried to manipulate Dave Lawson into preventing Lola Denison from becoming Vice President of the United States, but Lawson instead assassinated President Matt Nelson.

Before being turned into a Shift, it was present during the war against the djinn, though it was neither a djinn nor an angel. It gave Allah the idea of hiding the cauldron inside Earth, though it said that the person it was speaking to wasn't God. (PROSE: Head of State)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The Shift's speech patterns were intended to resemble those of the Doctor; the Shift's comments in the discussion of the Eternal War can be seen as a reference to the Other.
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