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Leef Apple Glyn Slitheen-Blathereen eating shepherd's pie. (TV: The Gift)

Shepherd's pie was a dish which was cooked on Earth. (TV: World War Three, The Gift, The Two Doctors, PROSE: The Drosten's Curse, Eve of the Fomorians) According to the human Bryony Mailer, shepherd's pie wasn't even a pie, and contained no shepherds, (PROSE: The Drosten's Curse) although non-humans sometimes assumed the dish to contain shepherds when first encountering it. (TV: The Two Doctors, The Gift) According to one account, the Second Doctor, while an Androgum, recalled the dish when questioned on whether humans ever ate their own. (TV: The Two Doctors)

History Edit

In the 1970s, James Stevens enjoyed a shepherd's pie in a pub while interviewing Liz Shaw. (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)

Jackie Tyler once offered to cook shepherd's pie for the Ninth Doctor in the wake of his disruption of the Slitheen plot to irradiate the whole of the Earth. Rose interpreted the gesture as a sign of her mother's grudging appreciation for the Doctor. (TV: World War Three)

Shepherd's pie was also one of two dishes, after tomato soup, that Clyde Langer made for the Slitheen-Blathereen when they came for dinner with Sarah Jane Smith and her friends. When presented with the dish, Tree Lorn Acre Slitheen-Blathereen asked if shepherds were a delicacy on Earth, with Clyde replying that "you couldn't eat a whole one". Sarah Jane, however, assured Tree that it was "just the name of the dish". Leef Apple Glyn Slitheen-Blathereen said that Shepherd's pie was more delicious than even the land prawns of Clom. (TV: The Gift)

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