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Shell Shock was the eighth Telos Doctor Who novella. It featured the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown. This is the only story in Telos' novella range to feature the Sixth Doctor.

Publisher's summary

The Doctor is washed up — literally — on an alien beach with only intelligent crabs and a madman for company.

How can he possibly rescue Peri who was lost at sea the same time as he and the TARDIS? But Peri has problems of her own. "Rescued" from drowning by an intelligent sponge growth, she has been adopted by the life form as its own personal God.

As the denizens of the beach come under increasingly vicious attack, the Doctor must discover the vital truth in time to save all their lives.


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Shell Shock cover illustration

Cover illustration.

  • This novella featured a front piece illustration by Bob Covington.



  • As Peri retreats into her memories she recalls:
  • Being nearly drowned in Lazarote in TV: Planet of Fire.

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