Sheila Reid (born 21 December 1937[1]) played Etta in the Doctor Who television story Vengeance on Varos. Nearly 30 years later, she played Clara Oswald's gran in The Time of the Doctor and Dark Water.

Reid also voiced a Dalek duplicate of Claire Summerfield, the mother of companion Bernice Summerfield, in Good Night, Sweet Ladies and Janaiya in The Middle.

Due to these appearances, she is one of the very few actors to have appeared in all of the major production "regimes" of Doctor Who — the "classic" television series (1963-89), the revived BBC Wales series (2005 onwards), and for Big Finish Productions.

Outside of the DWU, Reid has appeared in the feature film Brazil, and also TV series such as Call the Midwife, and Sea of Souls. She is perhaps best known for playing Madge in Benidorm.



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