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Sheffield Steel: Essays on the Thirteenth Doctor was a reference book published by Arcbeatle Press in 2019.

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Is the Thirteenth Doctor a secret admirer of Elon Musk?

What's the common thread between Yasmin Khan and Marcel Proust?

Was “Kerblam!” ghost-written by Emmanuel Macron?

Is Chris Chibnall hopepunk?

Is series eleven of modern Doctor Who an eldritch necromantic ritual?

Is “The Woman who Fell to Earth” a remake of Predator 2 with less Jamaican drug dealers?

These are but a few of the questions dealt with in SHEFFIELD STEEL, a story-by-story analysis of the Jodie Whittaker's tenure as the titular character in BBC's Doctor Who. Featuring commentary on both television and prose story, this book aims at offering a cohesive picture of a complex and divisive series.

The 2018-2019 run of Doctor Who is full of contrasts: a landmark victory in casting and diversity; but also a year full of varying-scale polemics surrounding the ways the show tackled race, morality and class politics. Rather than a celebration or an indictment, writer Sam Maleski pens, drawing from literary theory and symbology, an account of each story's thematic landscape, attempting to unravel what they're trying to tell us, and to find out whether their contradictions can be solved.

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