Shedagen spaceships could mimic shapes of things around them. They contained big control rooms and had lots of technology. The Shadow People were working together with the Shedagen on these space ships.

A very long time before 2009 a Shedagen spaceship crashed on the Snowdonia national park. The Shedagen lived their lives on Earth until they died. Only one of the Shadow People remained in the space ship. And within the time a mountain grew around the spaceship. It wasn't just a spaceship anymore, it's part of the landscape.

The spaceship could be entered between several rocks, halfway up the mountain. After this there was a dark cave with rocky walls. A light was shining out from beneath the rock and a buzzing sound was beating through the walls. Down the corridor, in the very heart of the space ship, was there massive control room. The entire control room mimicked the shape of the mountain. There still was light and the technology was still working, after the Shedagen had died. It drew its energy from the landscape, the wind and the waterfalls. Whenever cars were around it could draw their energy as well.

Sarah Jane later shut down the light and the technology of the spaceship with her sonic lipstick. Then she closed the walls at the entrance of the space ship so that the space ship couldn't be entered again. (AUDIO: The Shadow People)

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