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She Came From Another World! was a P.R.O.B.E. short story. Originally released for free on the Arcbeatle Press website, an audiobook version of it was later created as part of the Audio Adventures in Time & Space range (read by Bill Baggs), before a print version was included in the anthology True Origins.


One starry night, Giles finds himself chasing down a shooting star, and he drives his car down a forest lane when he hears the impact - more akin to slow-motion car crash than rock.

At gun point, he approaches the spaceship as the cockpit opens, and a young woman with vibrant purple hair and pure white skin, climbs out. She tries to communicate with Giles, but due to her alien dialect they don't get far, but she does manage to introduce herself as Maxiassa.

Suddenly, a humanoid figure appears near the ship, the air glitching and distorting around it, which Maxiassa refers to it as Mar'tuth. Mar'tuth destroys Maxiassa's spacecraft, and Giles and Maxiassa run to Giles' car, get in, and accelerate off. Mar'tuth avoids a mirror on the car, and Maxiassa pulls out a pocket mirror from her duffle bag, and aims it at Mar'tuth, causing it to swerve out of the reflection. Giles notices this, so he drives the car to Homestyle. They lure Mar'tuth to an aisle filled with mirrors, and when it tries to attack Giles and Maxiassa, it inadvertently destroys itself due to its powers being reflected by the mirrors, back towards itself.

Two months later, Giles sets up a meeting with Sir Andrew Williams, trying to get Maxiassa, now going by the name of Maxine Masters, asylum in England. Giles sets up the terms that Maxine can live in England so long as she works for P.R.O.B.E., and Andrew and Maxine agree.

At Maxine's new residency, Giles visits her. He asks her to repair a trio-regulator, which she does, saying that it was easy enough for a child to do, and he responds by telling her that a team of scientists worked on it for five years and got nowhere.




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