Sharon was Amelia Pond's aunt. She was also the great-aunt of River Song.

Sharon had moved with Amelia to Leadworth some time prior to Easter 1996. (TV: The Eleventh Hour) She was Amy's childhood guardian. Amelia had lost her mother and father to the crack in her room, which had erased them from existence. (TV: The Big Bang) Sharon told Amelia that it was just an "ordinary crack." (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

On the night that Amelia met the Doctor, Sharon had left her alone in the house. When told of Amelia's meeting with the Eleventh Doctor, she refused to believe her niece and arranged psychiatric appointments for her. (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

In an alternate timeline in which all the stars were destroyed in 102 AD, Sharon took Amelia to the National History Museum in 1996. Amelia dragged her around and then ran away to find the Pandorica. After Amelia went into hiding, Aunt Sharon looked for her, but failed to find her. (TV: The Big Bang)

After the cracks in time were finally closed by the Doctor, Amy's parents were restored. Sharon attended Amy's wedding and witnessed the return of the Doctor on 26 June 2010. (TV: The Big Bang)

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Dreams[edit | edit source]

At some point, Amy dreamt that she was a child in the 1960s and that her aunt was with her. However, Amy quickly deduced that she wasn't real and eventually disappeared. (COMIC: Forever Dreaming)

Fictional worlds[edit | edit source]

In the book Shada by C. S. Lewis, Aunt Sharon was waiting for Amy Pond and Rory Williams and collected them outside the Doctor's TARDIS, which was disguised as a bookshop. (COMIC: The Professor, the Queen and the Bookshop)

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