Sharaz Jek was an outlaw, he specialised in androids.


Early life

Sharaz Jek was for some time a doctor on Earth before taking an intrest in androids. He studied androids in depth before making his own highly developed ones.

With Morgus

Sharaz Jek became a business partner with Morgus to collect and sell Spectrox. They based themselves on Androzani Minor, the only place the substance can be found. Sharaz and Morgus used androids in order to harvest Spectrox as it is too toxic for humans to handle. Morgus betrayed Sharaz Jek in giving him faulty detection instruments, so that when one of Minor's mud bursts erupted, Jek had no warning and was horribly scalded. He travelled into one of the baking chambers saving his life. Jek survived but was horribly disfigured leaving him wearing a leather suit and mask. Jeks actual appearance had human flesh around one eye and the mouth but the rest was green and bumpy and one eye was out of proportion.
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Later life and death

With a new and burning hate of Morgus Jek raised an android army and takes control of the Spectrox refinery. The Doctor and Peri were captured by Jek's forces and Jek was infatuated with Peri as he himself was denied beauty. He planned to feed her spectrox keeping her alive so he could preserve her beauty forever. Jek was forced to wage a war with his androids battling federal troops under orders from Morgus. Jek declined to surrender until his terms were met: Morgus' head at his feet. When both Peri and the Doctor were suffering from spectrox poisoning Jek was agitated by the threat Peri would die. The Doctor travelled through the caves to get a cure leaving Jek with Peri. When the federal army attacked Jek's base, Jek was not much bothered as he believed they would never find him and defeat his androids. Stotz, a mercenary hired by Jek betrayed him in joining Morgus to try and find Sharaz's hoard of spectrox. They stumbled upon Jek's hideout. After revealing his face to Morgus he forced his enemies head into an energy beam killing Morgus in seconds. Jek's victory was short lived as Stotz opened fire on him. He died in the arms of his most developed android, Salateen. (DW: The Caves of Androzani)

Behind the scenes

  • The role of Sharaz Jek was originally offered to David Bowie but the dates clashed with his Serious Moonlight tour.
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