Shan Shen was a planet inhabited by humans or a humanoid species with a Chinese culture. (TV: Turn Left) It was known to the Monk as a land of opportunity. (AUDIO: The Blame Game) Some streets here were filled with flags, pagodas and various crowded stalls. Shan Shen's orbit neighboured several other celestial bodies, evidenced from the sight of nearby objects in from its upper atmosphere, one of which contained rings.

The Tenth Doctor once took Donna Noble to Shan Shen. She had her fortune read by a fortune teller working with the Trickster's Brigade.

After the fortune teller's attempt to change history backfired, all of the writing on the planet — including that on the Doctor's TARDIS — changed into the phrase "Bad Wolf". This, coupled with the ominous tolling of the Cloister Bell, warned the Doctor that the end of the universe was approaching. (TV: Turn Left)

In the 51st century, there were Time Agents on Shan Shen. (AUDIO: The Blame Game)

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When the Monk tried to trap the Third Doctor in the formation of Earth, he offered to take the Doctor away from his exile on Earth to Shan Shen in the 51st century. (AUDIO: The Blame Game)

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The name of the planet is given explicitly on screen by a female market stall merchant.

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