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Seven Deadly Sins was the eighth and final short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Seven Deadly Sins. It was written by Jacqueline Rayner. It featured the Eighth Doctor.


The Doctor has brought seven extremely wealthy citizens to what he calls "Purgatoria". These people are so wealthy that they've become bored with life, and they've come here to experience something out of the ordinary.

One by one, the Doctor brings each person to a separate room where he first brings them to the breaking point, then lets them experience first-hand a story from his own life.

Each of the seven comes out of his or her experience a changed person. The Doctor is confronted by the Overseers, who are angry that he has broken his word to run their storytelling machine. He then tells them, to their shock and disbelief, that he has destroyed their machine. They remind him of their threat to spread misery wherever he goes, but he tells them that the people he has helped today are some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the galaxy, and they are on his side. The Doctor leaves the Overseers, who are powerless to stop him.

The Doctor visits Laurence, making good his promise to fix Laurence's life. He takes Laurence away in the TARDIS.