Serpent Crest was the overall title of a five-story audio drama arc released in 2011 in both CD and digital download formats by AudioGO. The series featured the Fourth Doctor and was written by Paul Magrs as a sequel to his previous series Demon Quest. It is the third audio drama series featuring Mrs Wibbsey, the first being Hornets' Nest.

The series was released in monthly instalments during 2011, then released as a box set on 6 September 2012. The series was later re-released in The Nest Cottage Chronicles.




# Title Writer Director Featuring Released
1 Tsar Wars Paul Magrs Kate Thomas Mrs Wibbsey 8 September 2011
2 The Broken Crown 6 October 2011
3 Aladdin Time Mrs Wibbsey, the Scarf 3 November 2011
4 The Hexford Invasion Second Doctor, Mrs Wibbsey, Mike Yates 8 December 2011
5 Survivors in Space

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