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The ninth series in the Short Trips range of audios was released by Big Finish Productions in 2019.


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The stories were released monthly between 31 January and 29 December 2019.

Taking over from Ian Atkins, Alfie Shaw became the producer and script editor for the Short Trips. In an interview for VOR 118, he teased that "every Doctor between the First and Twelfth except the War Doctor, [had] a story or two coming up."



# Title Author Director Performer Doctor Featuring Released Pr. code
9.1 The Revisionists Andy Frankham-Allen Lisa Bowerman Louise Jameson 4th Leela, the Brig 31 January 2019 BFMSTDL49
9.2 The Astrea Conspiracy Lizbeth Myles Nicholas Briggs Neve McIntosh 12th Aphra Behn 28 February 2019 BFMSTDL50
9.3 Doctors and Dragons Alfie Shaw Lisa Bowerman Sophie Aldred 7th Ace 27 March 2019 BFMSTDL51
9.4 Year of the Drex Olympics Paul Ebbs Frazer Hines 2nd Jamie, Victoria 16 April 2019 BFMSTDL52
9.5 Under ODIN's Eye Alice Cavender Helen Goldwyn Nicola Bryant 6th Peri 30 May 2019 BFMSTDL53
9.6 The Same Face Julian Richards Nicholas Briggs Katy Manning 3rd Jo 27 June 2019 BFMSTDL54
9.7 Battle Scars Selim Ulug Alfie Shaw Nicholas Briggs 9th 31 July 2019 BFMSTDL55
9.8 #HarrySullivan Eddie Robson Lisa Bowerman Louise Jameson 4th Sarah, Harry 29 August 2019 BFMSTDL56
9.9 Dead Media John Richards Nicholas Briggs Jacob Dudman 12th 30 September 2019 BFMSTDL57
9.10 The Second Oldest Question Carrie Thompson Lisa Bowerman Sarah Sutton 5th Nyssa 2 October 2019 BFMSTDL58
9.11 Hall of the Ten Thousand Jaine Fenn India Fisher 8th Charley 5 November 2019 BFMSTDL59
9.12 Peace in Our Time Una McCormack Peter Purves 1st Steven 23 December 2019 BFMSTDL60
9.X The Best-Laid Plans Ben Tedds Nicholas Briggs Jacob Dudman 12th 29 December 2019 BFMSTDLPAUL04



# Title Recorded on Recorded at
9.1 The Revisionists 27 September 2018 WiseBuddah Studios
9.2 The Astra Conspiracy 1 November 2018 Ladbroke Audio
9.3 Doctors and Dragons 9 November 2018 The Soundhouse
9.4 Year of the Drex Olympics 17 October 2018 WiseBuddah
9.5 Under ODIN's Eye 27 February 2019
9.6 The Same Face 4 September 2019 Heavy Entertainment
9.7 Battle Scars Unknown
9.8 #HarrySullivan 27 September 2018 WiseBuddah
9.9 Dead Media Unknown
9.10 The Second Oldest Question 9 August 2019 WiseBuddah
9.11 Hall of the Ten Thousand 14 February 2019
9.12 Peace in Our Time 28 May 2019
9.X The Best-Laid Plans Unknown

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