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The ninth series in The Fourth Doctor Adventures range of audios was released by Big Finish Productions in 2020. It featured Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, Lalla Ward as Romana II, Matthew Waterhouse as Adric, Louise Jameson as Leela and John Leeson as K9 Mark I and Mark II.


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Shifting again the format of the series, instead of eight one-hour stories, series 9 was composed of four two-hour stories. The first two stories were released on 22 January 2020 and were available as an individual download, or could be purchased together in The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 9: Volume 1. The last two were released in the same manner on 12 February 2020, and were collected in The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 9: Volume 2.

Months after the release of the two box sets, Big Finish announced the release of Shadow of the Sun, the first BFP full-cast story to be fully produced during the lockdown caused by COVID-19.[1]




# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
9.1 Purgatory 12 Marc Platt Nicholas Briggs Romana II, Adric, K9 Mark II 22 January 2020 BFPTOMCD068
9.2 Chase the Night Jonathan Morris BFPTOMCD069
9.3 The Planet of Witches Alan Barnes Ken Bentley 12 February 2020 BFPTOMCD071
9.4 The Quest of the Engineer Andrew Smith Nicholas Briggs BFPTOMCD072
9SP1 Shadow of the Sun Robert Valentine Leela, K9 Mark I 12 May 2020 BFPTOMCD091


  • This series marked the first time Adric has appeared in a full-cast audio story alongside the Fourth Doctor.


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