The eighth series in the Short Trips range of audios was released by Big Finish Productions in 2018.

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The stories were released monthly between 30 January and 29 December 2018.

This was the last series of Short Trips where Ian Atkins acted as producer and script editor. Starting from The Last Day at Work, Alfie Shaw took over both roles.

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# Title Author Director Performer Doctor Featuring Released Pr. code
8.1 The Authentic Experience Dan Starkey Lisa Bowerman Nicola Bryant 6th Peri 30 January 2018 BFMSTDL37
8.2 Mel-evolent Simon A. Forward Helen Goldwyn Bonnie Langford Mel 28 February 2018 BFMSTDL38
8.3 The Turn of the Screw Eddie Robson Lisa Bowerman Yee Jee Tso 8th Charlie Sato, Ruth Matheson 28 March 2018 BFMSTDL40
8.4 Erasure Gary Russell Gary Russell Seán Carlsen 4th Adric, Narvin 30 April 2018 BFMSTDL42
8.5 Trap For Fools Stephen Fewell Lisa Bowerman Mark Strickson 5th Turlough 30 May 2018 BFMSTDL43
8.6 The Siege of Big Ben Joseph Lidster Camille Coduri Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor Jackie 29 June 2018 BFMSTDL39
8.7 The Darkened Earth John Pritchard Miranda Raison 6th Constance 30 July 2018 BFMSTDL44
8.8 Flight Into Hull! Joseph Lidster Camille Coduri Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor Jackie 2 August 2018 BFMSTDL41
8.9 A Small Semblance of Home Paul Phipps Carole Ann Ford 1st Ian, Barbara, Susan 27 September 2018 BFMSTDL45
8.10 I Am The Master Geoffrey Beevers Geoffrey Beevers 4th The Master 28 October 2018 BFMSTDL46
8.11 The Mistpuddle Murders Simon A Forward Sarah Sutton 5th Nyssa, Tegan 29 November 2018 BFMSTDL47
8.12 The Devil's Footprints Penelope Faith Helen Goldwyn Bonnie Langford 7th Mel 21 December 2018 BFMSTDL48
8.X The Last Day at Work Harry Draper Alfie Shaw Nicholas Briggs 2nd Jamie 29 December 2018 BFMSTDLPAUL03

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