The seventh series in the Short Trips range of audios was released by Big Finish Productions in 2017.

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The stories were released monthly between 31 January and 29 December 2017. This included an extra story, Landbound, released in December as part of The Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip Opportunity.

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# Title Author Director Performer Doctor Featuring Released Pr. code
7.1 The World Beyond the Trees Jonathan Barnes Lisa Bowerman Nicola Walker 8th Liv, Molly, Jeremy Thorpe 31 January 2017 BFMSTDL25
7.2 Gardeners' Worlds George Mann Tim Treloar 3rd Jo, Yates 28 February 2017 BFMSTDL26
7.3 / 7.4 The Jago & Litefoot Revival Jonathan Barnes Trevor Baxter, Christopher Benjamin 10th, 11th Jago, Litefoot, Ellie
26 March 2017 (Act one)
4 April 2017 (Act two)
7.5 Falling Anneke Wills 1st Ben, Polly 30 May 2017 BFMSTDL29
7.6 How to Win Planets and Influence People James Goss Rufus Hound 4th The Monk, Sarah Jane, Harry 29 June 2017 BFMSTDL27
7.7 Flashpoint Andrew Smith Sheridan Smith 8th Lucie 13 July 2017 BFMSTDL28
7.8 The British Invasion Ian Potter Wendy Padbury 2nd Jamie, Zoe, Vardans 29 August 2017 BFMSTDL32
7.9 A Heart on Both Sides Rob Nisbet Sarah Sutton 8th Nyssa 27 September 2017 BFMSTDL33
7.10 All Hands on Deck Eddie Robson Carole Ann Ford Susan 3 October 2017 BFMSTDL34
7.11 The Ingenious Gentleman Adric of Alzarius Julian Richards Matthew Waterhouse 5th Adric, Nyssa, Tegan 7 November 2017 BFMSTDL35
7.12 O Tannenbaum Anthony Keetch Peter Purves 1st Steven 22 December 2017 BFMSTDL36
7.X Landbound Selim Ulug Neil Gardner Nicholas Briggs 3rd 29 December 2017 BFMSTDLPAUL02

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