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The seventh series in the Bernice Summerfield range of audios was released by Big Finish Productions in 2006.

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The stories were released between July and November 2006.

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Stories Edit

# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
7.1 The Tartarus Gate Stewart Sheargold John Ainsworth Jason, Joseph July 2006 BFPCD29
7.2 Timeless Passages Daniel O'Mahony August 2006 BFPCD30
7.3 The Worst Thing in the World Dave Stone Edward Salt Jason September 2006 BFPCD31
7.4 Summer of Love Simon Guerrier Jason, Bev, Adrian, Doggles, Joseph, Hass October 2006 BFPCD32
7.5 The Oracle of Delphi Scott Handcock Jason November 2006 BFPCD33
7.6 The Empire State Eddie Robson Jason, Maggie, Brax BFPCD34

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Production Edit

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