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The fifth series in the Short Trips range of audios was released by Big Finish Productions in 2015.


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Moving away from the box set format, series five saw the beginning of monthly releases for short trips. The stories were released monthly between 5 January and 23 December 2015.



# Title Author Director Performer Doctor Featuring Released Pr. code
5.1 Flywheel Revolution Dale Smith Lisa Bowerman Peter Purves 1st 5 January 2015 BFMSTDL01
5.2 Little Doctors Philip Lawrence Frazer Hines 2nd Jamie, Zoe 6 February 2015 BFMSTDL02
5.3 Time Tunnel Nigel Fairs Katy Manning 3rd Jo, the Brig, Yates, Benton 5 March 2015 BFMSTDL03
5.4 The Ghost Trap Nick Wallace Louise Jameson 4th Leela 6 April 2015 BFMSTDL04
5.5 The King of the Dead Ian Atkins Sarah Sutton 5th Nyssa, Tegan 5 May 2015 BFMSTDL05
5.6 The Shadows of Serenity Nigel Robinson Nicola Bryant 6th Peri 10 June 2015 BFMSTDL06
5.7 Dark Convoy Mark B. Oliver Sophie Aldred 7th Ace 20 July 2015 BFMSTDL07
5.8 Foreshadowing Julian Richards India Fisher 8th Charley, Yates 31 August 2015 BFMSTDL08
5.9 Etheria Nick Wallace Peter Purves 1st Vicki, Steven 24 September 2015 BFMSTDL09
5.10 The Way of the Empty Hand Julian Richards Frazer Hines 2nd Jamie, Zoe 22 October 2015 BFMSTDL10
5.11 The Other Woman Philip Lawrence Katy Manning 3rd Jo, the Brig 20 November 2015 BFMSTDL11
5.12 Black Dog Dale Smith Louise Jameson 4th Leela 23 December 2015 BFMSTDL12


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# Title Recorded on Recorded at
5.1 Flywheel Revolution 2 September 2014 The Moat Studios, London
5.2 Little Doctors 9 October 2014
5.3 Time Tunnel 27 October 2014
5.4 The Ghost Trap 26 November 2014 Audio Sorcery, Tunbridge Wells
5.5 The King of the Dead 28 January 2015 The Moat Studios
5.6 The Shadows of Serenity 20 April 2015
5.7 Dark Convoy 6 March 2015
5.8 Foreshadowing 27 April 2015
5.9 Etheria 2 September 2014
5.10 The Way of the Empty Hand 9 October 2014
5.11 The Other Woman 27 October 2014
5.12 Black Dog 26 November 2014 Audio Sorcery

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