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Series 5, also known as Season 31 for clarity over Season 5, will begin in Spring 2010. Following the 2009 Specials, there will be a full 13-episode season to be broadcast; filming began in July 2009.

In the spring of 2008, it was announced that Steven Moffat, who has written Hugo Award-winning or nominated scripts for the revived series in each of its first four seasons and whose association with Doctor Who dates back to his writing of the Comic Relief parody The Curse of Fatal Death in the early 1990s, will succeed Russell T Davies as head writer and producer of the series.[1] Davies has announced he will officially retire from involvement with the series after the 2009 specials are completed and at present has no plans to retain any direct connection to the series once Moffat's tenure begins. [2] However, Davies has announced that he plans to remain involved with production of Torchwood for the foreseeable future, and hopes to see further crossovers with Doctor Who, indicating he may not completely sever his ties with the parent show.[3]

According to Issue 410 of Doctor Who Magazine, the BBC intends to begin the numbering of seasons over again to reflect the change of production team; thus, as far as the BBC is concerned, the 2010 season will not be known as Series 5, but rather, once again, Series 1.[4] What this may mean for marketing and availability of the 2005 to 2008 seasons (particularly the previous "Series 1" starring Christopher Eccleston) remains to be seen. A December 2009 announcement by the BBC regarding the show filming in Croatia also refers to the upcoming season as Series 1.[5]

Also departing at the end of 2009 is co-executive producer Julie Gardner. She will be replaced by Piers Wenger. Beth Willis replaces Phil Collinson as the third executive producer.

During his acceptance speech for the award for Best Drama Performance at the National Television Awards on 29 October 2008, David Tennant announced that he would not return for the 5th series. On 3 January 2009, during a special episode of Doctor Who Confidential entitled "The Eleventh Doctor", the BBC announced that Matt Smith would be playing the Eleventh Doctor.[6]


The Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith.


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Aliens and Enemies

Steven Moffat announced in the January 2010 addition of the Doctor Who Magazine that there would be no "classic monsters" returning, however he did list several new species of monsters that are set to debut in the new series:



Aside from Steven Moffat, who is writing six episodes of the season: all other writers have been confirmed for Series 5:

  • After Moffat was announced as new show-runner, speculation began to appear in the media about possible writers for Series 5. The most frequently published speculation is that Moffat had discussed the matter with noted fantasy author and graphic novelist Neil Gaiman, although as of late November 2009 there has been no indication that Gaiman will actually write an episode.


  • The BBC has confirmed that at least one episode will be filmed in Croatia.[9]
  • It was confirmed in DWM that this series will be known as series 1 from a production standpoint; it is unknown what it will be publicly known as, though it will likely be series 5 in order to avoid confusion with the fairly recent series 1.
  • A number of websites have reported a rumor that the BBC is considering splitting Series 5 into two halves, the first half to air in the spring of 2010, and the second half to air later in the year.[10]
  • According to the online resume of one of the show's crewpeople, part of one episode has been filmed in Croatia.[11]
  • Soon after production began on Series 5, images of the new cast on location began to appear in the British media, revealing the Eleventh Doctor's costume, and apparent exterior changes to the TARDIS (most notably the reinstatement of a St. John Ambulance logo which once adorned the TARDIS during the First Doctor era. The media also revealed in July 2009 that Alex Kingston will again portray River Song. As  It was later said that she will appear in two episodes. [12] It was announced in DWM #417 that she'll appear in episodes four and five
  • As of January 2009, five out of the series' seven filming blocks have been completed.


  • The opening episode seen filming, features Matt Smith in the Tenth Doctor's battered attire, with his sonic screwdriver and TARDIS. It is thought to deal with his post-regeneration trauma. The episode is set in the fictional location of Leadworth, and features Amy Pond in a police officers uniform.
  • Another episode penned by Mark Gatiss is set in World War II, and it is reported to feature Winston Churchill using the Daleks to fight off the Nazi's. Although no official confirmation has been released to prove this storyline to be accurate, all available information at this point (the inclusion of the Daleks in a World War II environment in the trailer, as well as Mark Gatiss' involvement) would lead to believe this is correct. [13]
  • Alex Kingston was seen filming early on in production, and is confirmed to feature in two episodes. It is thought she will reprise her role as the mysterious Professor River Song.
  • One episode will feature Vincent van Gogh stabbing a yellow monster. [source needed]
  • Another episode that has been filmed in Croatia is thought to feature Vampires. [14]
  • According to Steven Moffat, the Weeping Angels are to return. [15]
  • It was confirmed in the preview trailer on the BBC Doctor Who website that the Daleks will return, as well as vampires and Reptilian creatures.


  • No details regarding possible storylines have been revealed, although given the events of Series 4 there is widespread speculation about the possible return of Jenny (a character Moffat is known to have prevented from being killed off).
  • At the 2008 San Diego Comic Con, Moffat claimed that he had only started writing the season on the plane en route to the convention[16].

Series Changes

  • On 6th October 2009, the BBC unveiled a new series logo which will be launched with Series 5.
  • It is speculated that the opening credits/theme arrangement will be changed. The introduction of a new series logo increases the likelihood of this occurring, but the BBC has yet to officially confirm such a change.
  • British tabloid media have reported rumours that Moffat plans a "radical redesign" of the TARDIS interior, both to mark the new era and also because of the show's switch to high-definition production.[17]

Confirmed Rumours

  • Richard Curtis has confirmed that Series 5 (Series 1) will be broadcast in February 2010.[18]
  • In DWM Issue 397, Steven Moffat wrote the "Production Notes" feature. This consisted mainly of an anecdote about how he became the head writer but he also touched upon his plans for Series 5. In particular he wrote "Piers Wenger and I are hard at work on Series 5. I can tell you nothing of our plans (except, obviously, THEY'RE BACK!)". Some have interpreted "they" to refer to the Time Lords, who had been "killed off" as a race during the Davies era. However, others have interpreted this as simply referring to the Daleks, who have become notorious for returning at least once a series since the revival. In a radio interview on 15th December 2009, Steven Moffat confirmed the return of the Weeping Angel; whether these are the species in question that are back is unknown.
    • It could well mean Time Lords as they were brought back in The End of Time. Yet killed off near the end so it may just be reffering to the Daleks return.
  • The speculation as to whether "They're back" refers to the Time Lords may intensify with the announcement in September 2009 of a Blue Peter contest in which entrants are being asked to design "a TARDIS console" to be used within the series, which could be interpreted as referring to a TARDIS other than the Doctor's.[19] At the time of the contest's launch in early October, however, the contest description suggested that the console should look like "something the Doctor put together" suggesting a different storyline possibility.[20]
  • Murray Gold confirmed in a interview that he would be staying on for Series 5, and that he would be composing a new theme.[21] He also revealed that Gareth Roberts and Mark Gatiss would be writing for Series 5.



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