Series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures ran between 11 October 2010 and 16 November 2010. It starred Elizabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, Tommy Knight as Luke Smith, Daniel Anthony as Clyde Langer, Anjli Mohindra as Rani Chandra, Alexander Armstrong as Mr Smith and John Leeson as K9 Mark IV. The series opened with The Nightmare Man and concluded with Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith.

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It consisted of six stories and twelve episodes. According to Doctor Who Magazine, [which?] pre-production was under way as early as November 2009. On 4 March 2010, the BBC officially announced that production had been commissioned, with filming expected to begin by the end of March. (The same announcement also confirmed that a fifth series for 2011 had also been commissioned.)[1][2]

The season saw the return of all the core cast members for the 12-episode series, plus guest appearances by Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and Katy Manning as Jo Jones. For this series, Brian Minchin joined as a producer, with Phil Ford as co-producer. Russell T Davies remained as executive producer along with Nikki Wilson.

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The titles and writers were revealed in Doctor Who Magazine. [which?] All of series 4's episodes were in 2 parts.

# Title Writer Director Notes
1 The Nightmare Man Joseph Lidster Joss Agnew Departure of Luke Smith and K9 Mark IV. Reappearance of the Slitheen family, of which a unique Raxacoricofallapatorian is briefly seen.
2 The Vault of SecretsPhil FordJoss Agnew Reappearance of Androvax. Return of the Alliance of Shades, first seen in the Doctor Who 3-D animated story Dreamland.
3 Death of the DoctorRussell T DaviesAshley WayGuest appearances of the Eleventh Doctor and Jo Grant. David Bradley's first time being involved a Doctor Who-related production, as the voice of Azure of the Shansheeth. Introduction of the Groske, an alien species related to the Graske.
4 The Empty PlanetGareth RobertsAshley WayMost of the story is limited to two characters, Clyde Langer and Rani Chandra.
5 Lost in TimeRupert LaightJoss AgnewFirst appearance of the Shopkeeper and Captain.
6 Goodbye, Sarah Jane SmithGareth Roberts and Clayton HickmanJoss Agnew Return of Luke Smith and final appearance of K9 Mark IV.

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As of August 2010 only two stories from this series were announced for adaptation as a novelisation. These were later reported as being cancelled. [3][4] However the novelisations were later published in e-book format. These were the final novelisations published as none were commissioned in any format for Series 5.

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UK release of the series on DVD and, for the first time, Blu-ray occurred on 31 October 2011, followed by North American release on DVD only on 6 December. The UK edition included TV: Pyramids of Mars as a bonus feature (this is not included in the North American release).

A slight alteration to the first episode of the season was made for DVD with the addition of a dedication in memory of Elisabeth Sladen.

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