The fourth series in the Companion Chronicles range of audios was released by Big Finish Productions in 2009 and 2010.

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The first five stories were released monthly, between July and November 2009. Then, starting 31 January 2010, the following four stories were released monthly, up to April. Then, two stories were released in May, and the last story of series 4 was released in June 2010.

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# Title Author Director Performer Doctor Featuring Released Pr. code
4.1 The Drowned World Simon Guerrier Lisa Bowerman Jean Marsh 1st Sara, Steven, Robert July 2009 BFPDWCC21
4.2 The Glorious Revolution Jonathan Morris Nigel Fairs Frazer Hines 2nd Jamie, Zoe August 2009 BFPDWCC22
4.3 The Prisoner of Peladon Cavan Scott, Mark Wright Nicola Bryant David Troughton 3rd King Peladon, Alpha Centauri, Ice Warriors September 2009 BFPDWCC23
4.4 The Pyralis Effect George Mann Lisa Bowerman Lalla Ward 4th Romana II October 2009 BFPDWCC24
4.5 Ringpullworld Paul Magrs Neil Roberts Mark Strickson 5th Turlough, Tegan, Huxley November 2009 BFPDWCC25
4.6 Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code Eddie Robson John Ainsworth Lisa Bowerman 7th Bernice 31 January 2010 BFPDWCC26
4.7 The Suffering Jacqueline Rayner Lisa Bowerman Peter Purves, Maureen O'Brien 1st Vicki, Steven February 2010 BFPDWCC27
4.8 The Emperor of Eternity Nigel Robinson Deborah Watling, Frazer Hines 2nd Jamie, Victoria March 2010 BFPDWCC28
4.9 Shadow of the Past Simon Guerrier Caroline John 3rd Liz, the Brig, Yates, the Mim April 2010 BFPDWCC29
4.10 The Time Vampire Nigel Fairs Nigel Fairs Louise Jameson, John Leeson 4th Leela, K9 May 2010 BFPDWCC30
4.11 Night's Black Agents Marty Ross Lisa Bowerman Frazer Hines 6th "Jamie" May 2010 BFPDWCC31
4.12 Solitaire John Dorney Nicholas Briggs India Fisher 8th Charley, Celestial Toymaker June 2010 BFPDWCC32

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# Title Recorded on Recorded at
4.1 The Drowned World 26 March 2009 The Moat Studios, London
4.2 The Glorious Revolution 5 March 2009
2.3 The Prisoner of Peladon 2 June 2009
4.4 The Pyralis Effect 4 June 2009
4.5 Ringpullworld 23 April 2009
4.6 Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code 6 September 2009
4.7 The Suffering 2 and 6 October 2009
4.8 The Emperor of Eternity 10 November 2009
4.9 Shadow of the Past 11 August 2009
4.10 The Time Vampire 21 January 2010
4.11 Night's Black Agents 26 October 2009
4.12 Solitaire 15 January 2010

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