The third series of Torchwood aired on BBC One in July 2009. It consisted of a single, five-episode story arc entitled Torchwood: Children of Earth, broadcast over five consecutive nights from 6 July to 10 July 2009. The series had a new producer, Peter Bennett, and was directed by Euros Lyn, who had considerable experience on the revived Doctor Who.

The first and final episodes were written by Russell T Davies, who also wrote the story arc. The third episode was co-written by Davies and James Moran whilst the second and fourth were by newcomer John Fay, though, according to Moran's blog, all three writers had input into the storyline.

Freema Agyeman and Noel Clarke were originally scheduled to appear as Martha Jones and Mickey Smith, Agyeman appearing throughout the story arc and Clarke in the final two episodes. When Agyeman was signed to co-star in Law & Order: UK, her appearance was whittled down to a one-scene cameo, which was ultimately cut when she became completely unavailable. Clarke was forced to pull out at a later stage due to film commitments. (REF: Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale - The Final Chapter)

Also, Nicholas Briggs, who has written and acted in many licensed-by-BBC and unlicensed Doctor Who franchise spin-offs since the 1980s, and who is the revived Doctor Who series' resident alien voice-over artist, makes his first on-screen appearance in a televised Who-franchise production.

Production on this series began in August 2008.

In 2010 the Television Critics Association nominated the series for Best TV Movie, Miniseries and Special.[1] This series starred John Barrowman as Jack Harkness, Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper, Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto Jones (in the first four episodes of the season) and Kai Owen as Rhys Williams.




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Aliens and enemies

Television stories

Episode Number Title Writer(s) Director Notes
1 Day One Russell T DaviesEuros LynFirst appearance of Clem, Lois Habiba, John Frobisher, Brian Green, Rhiannon Davies, Johnny Davies, Mr Dekker, Alice Carter, Steven Carter and Johnson. Gwen has become pregnant. Destruction of the Torchwood Hub; fates of Gray, Janet, and Myfanwy become unclear.
2 Day Two John FayEuros LynReveals Jack's immortality can reconstitute his body.
3 Day Three Russell T Davies &
James Moran
Euros LynFirst appearance of The 456. Establishment of a temporary replacement headquarters for Torchwood Three.
4 Day Four John FayEuros Lyn Deaths of Ianto Jones and Clem.
5 Day Five Russell T DaviesEuros Lyn Final appearance of the 456. Death of Steven Carter and John Frobisher, as well as the Frobisher family. Alice Carter severs all ties with her father. Jack Harkness leaves Torchwood. Torchwood Three disbands.

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  • The audio stories were broadcast in early July on Radio 4 prior to the broadcast of Children of Earth, the CD was later released in September 2009.

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