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The third series in The New Counter-Measures range of audios was released by Big Finish Productions in 2019 and 2020. It was the final series in the range.


Series 3 originally consisted of just one story, The Hollow King, which was released just a few months after the 30th anniversary of Counter-Measures' debut appearance in Remembrance of the Daleks. Although working as a standalone story, it was intended to be the final entry in the range.

Fan popularity led to calls for a greater sense of closure. Big Finish responded with the twin releases of The Movellan Manoeuvre and The Dalek Gambit over a year later. The duology serves as the true grand finale to the entire Counter-Measures range. The Dalek Gambit in particular brings everything full circle, pitting the team one last time against the foe they faced in their original televised appearance: the Daleks.[1]


# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
3.1 The Hollow King Ian Potter Ken Bentley 3 January 2019 BFPCM07
3.2 The Movellan Manoeuvre John Dorney Suzanne Clare, Movellans 22 April 2020 BFPCM08
3.3 The Dalek Gambit Roland Moore Suzanne Clare, Movellans, Daleks BFPCM09


  • As Counter-Measures stories were typically released collectively in box set anthologies, Series 3 of TNCM is the only series containing stories with differing release dates, as well as the only series in which every story was distributed individually.
  • The Dalek Gambit originally had a different cover, featuring Grey Daleks from the 80s era instead of Bronze Daleks from the revived era. The change was made prior to release.


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