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The third series in The Fourth Doctor Adventures audio range was released by Big Finish Productions in 2014. It featured Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor and Louise Jameson as Leela. The series opened with The King of Sontar and concluded with Zygon Hunt.


Although each story remained standalone, Series 3 was tied together by a character-driven arc focusing on the Doctor and Leela's relationship. It follows a strain in their friendship when the Doctor believes there has been a fundamental failure somewhere in Leela's ongoing education, and also delves into Leela dealing with the death of her father, Sole, in The Face of Evil.

A number of returning elements from other stories returned in Series 3, among them the Sontaran, the Master, the Zygons, the Land of Fiction and the Eminence.

The stories were released monthly from 15 January till August 2014.




# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
3.01 The King of Sontar John Dorney Nicholas Briggs Leela, Sontarans 15 January 2014 BFPTOMCD014
3.02 White Ghosts Alan Barnes Leela 14 February 2014 BFPTOMCD015
3.03 The Crooked Man John Dorney 14 March 2014 BFPTOMCD016
3.04 The Evil One Nicholas Briggs Leela, The Master 11 April 2014 BFPTOMCD017
3.05 Last of the Colophon Jonathan Morris Leela 14 May 2014 BFPTOMCD018
3.06 Destroy the Infinite Nicholas Briggs Leela, The Eminence 18 June 2014 BFPTOMCD019
3.07 The Abandoned Nigel Fairs & Louise Jameson Ken Bentley Leela 11 July 2014 BFPTOMCD020
3.08 Zygon Hunt Nicholas Briggs Leela, Zygons 15 August 2014 BFPTOMCD021


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