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The first series in The Lost Stories range of audios was released by Big Finish Productions in 2009 and 2010. It featured the Sixth Doctor and Peri.

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The stories were released monthly from November 2009 till June 2010.

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# Title Author Director Doctor Featuring Season which was meant to be broadcast Released Pr. code
1.01 The Nightmare Fair Graham Williams (adapted by John Ainsworth) John Ainsworth 6th Peri, Celestial Toymaker 23 November 2009 6Y/AA
1.02 Mission to Magnus Philip Martin Lisa Bowerman Peri, Sil, Ice Warriors December 2009 6Y/AB
1.03 Leviathan Brian Finch (adapted by Paul Finch) Ken Bentley Peri 22 January 2010 6Y/AC
1.04 The Hollows of Time Christopher H Bidmead John Ainsworth Peri, Tractators 23 February 2010 6Y/AD
1.05 Paradise 5 PJ Hammond, Andy Lane Barnaby Edwards Peri March 2010 6Y/AE
1.06 Point of Entry Barbara Clegg, Marc Platt John Ainsworth April 2010 6Y/AF
1.07 The Song of Megaptera Pat Mills 22 May 2010 6Y/AG
1.08 The Macros Ingrid Pitt, Tony Rudlin June 2010 6Y/AH

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