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Series 1 of K9 premiered in full in 2010 with a run of 26 30-minute episodes in the series -- the longest Doctor Who-related season since Season 19 in 1981, which also had 26 episodes. It is also the first full-season production of a non-BBC-produced spin-off series, and is also the first franchise season to be wholly produced outside the UK, as it was produced and filmed entirely in Australia.

The first episode aired on Disney XD (formerly Jetix) in the UK as a special on 31 October 2009.[1] This was followed by the series in full premiering in Scandinavia in January 2010; most episodes, therefore, had their world premiere months before Australia or the UK. The series debuted in full on Disney XD in the UK and in Australia on Ten on 3 April 2010, only hours before the start of Doctor Who Series 5 in Britain.[2][3]

As with its parent program, K9 series 1 used individual episode titles for both standalones and multi-part storylines. Two multi-parters were in this series, an initial three-part story leading off the season, and a five-chapter story concluding it. As of 2020, no further seasons of K9 have been produced.




Television stories[]

Episode Number Title Writer(s) Director Notes
1 Regeneration Shayne Armstrong
S.P. Krause
David Caesar
Mark DeFriest
Reintroduction and final appearance of K9 Mark I. First appearances of K9 Mark 2, Starkey, Jorjie Turner, Darius Pike, Alistair Gryffen, June Turner, the Department, CCPCs and the Jixen.
2 Liberation Shayne Armstrong
S.P. Krause
David Caesar
David Napier
First appearances of Drake and Thorne.
3 The Korven Tim Pye Karl Zwicky First appearance of the Korven.
4 The Bounty Hunter Ian McFadyen James Bogle First appearance of Lomax
5 Sirens of Ceres Deborah Parsons Daniel Nettheim
6 Fear Itself Everett DeRoche
Graeme Farmer
Karl Zwicky
7 The Fall of the House of Gryffen Shayne Armstrong
S.P. Krause
Daniel Nettheim
8 Jaws of Orthrus Lindsay James James Bogle
9 Dream-Eaters Jim Noble Daniel Nettheim
10 Curse of Anubis Jim Noble Karl Zwicky
11 Oroborus Deborah Parsons Daniel Nettheim
12 Alien Avatar Graeme Farmer Karl Zwicky
13 Aeolian Dave Warner Karl Zwicky
14 The Last Oak Tree Jim Noble Dale Bradley
15 Black Hunger Chris Roache James Bogle Departure of Drake and reintroduction of Thorne.
16 The Cambridge Spy Jason Bourque Mark DeFriest First appearance of time travel on the series.
17 Lost Library of Ukko Deborah Parsons Mark DeFriest
18 Mutant Copper John O'Brien James Bogle
19 The Custodians Shayne Armstrong
S.P. Krause
James Bogle
20 Taphony and the Time Loop Anthony Morris
Graeme Farmer
Mark DeFriest
21 Robot Gladiators Jim Noble James Bogle
22 Mind Snap Bob Baker
Paul Tams
David Napier
23 Angel of the North Bob Baker James Bogle Reintroduction of the Korven.
24 The Last Precinct Shayne Armstrong
S.P. Krause
James Bogle
25 Hound of the Korven Shayne Armstrong
S.P. Krause
Mark DeFriest
26 The Eclipse of the Korven Shayne Armstrong
S.P. Krause
David Napier Deaths of Thorne and Lomax

DVD releases[]

Series Release name Australian release date (region 4) UK release date (region 2) North American release date (region 1) Notes
1 The Complete First Series 27 September 2010 11 December 2010
TBA Contains the Complete Series 1, Episodes 1-26
The Bounty Hunter 27 September 2010 n/a n/a Contains Series 1, Episodes 1-6
Alien Avatar 1 December 2010 n/a n/a Contains Series 1, Episodes 7-12
Series 1; Volume 1
(Region 0)
n/a 31 January 2011 30 March 2011 Contains Series 1, Episodes 1-12.
Series 1; Volume 2
(Region 0)
n/a 18 April 2011 18 April 2011 Contains Series 1, Episodes 13-26.
Ultimate Collectors Edition n/a 11 June 2012 TBA Contains the Complete Series 1, Episodes 1-26


K9 Series 1 poster

Promotional poster for the series.

The Complete Book of K-9, a piece of non-fiction following the story of K-9 through all four models, crossing over from Doctor Who, K9 and Company, The Sarah Jane Adventures and of course K-9 itself was advertised. A tie-in called The K-9 Storybook was going to be released in 2011 containing behind-the-scenes extras, short stories, comic strips and other material from the live-action series, Instead the The Essential Book of K9 was introduced. It included K9's complete story of Doctor Who, special features, exclusive photos, stories and comic strips from some classic names including Bob Baker. It was released in July 2015. There was one K-9 Mark 2 figurine made, released in 2012.


In 2009, Shayne Armstrong and SP Krause, writers and developers of the series for television, won the John Hinde Award for Science-Fiction at the Australian Writers Guild AWGIES for their script for the episode The Fall of the House of Gryffen. The episode was also a nominee in the category for Best Children's Television in that year.

In 2009, Shayne Armstrong and SP Krause were also nominated as finalists in the Queensland Premier's Literary Awards for Best Television Script for the episode Regeneration.

In 2010, Tony O'Loughlan, director of photography for the show, won two bronze awards at the Queensland and Northern Territory Cinematographer Awards for his work on the episodes Angel of the North and The Eclipse of the Korven.

Series VFX director and director of 4 other episode David Napier was nominated for Best Direction in Children's Television at the 2010 Australian Directors Guild Awards for episode 26 Eclipse of the Korven.

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