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The first series in The Early Adventures range of audios was released by Big Finish Productions in 2014. It featured the First Doctor.

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The first series consisted of four stories with the First Doctor. In stories featuring Ian Chesterton, William Russell also voiced the Doctor, while in stories featuring Steven Taylor, the Doctor was voiced by Peter Purves.

Additionally, Barbara Wright was voiced by Carole Ann Ford in the first story and by Maureen O'Brien in the second, who also portrayed their traditional roles of Susan Foreman and Vicki Pallister. The last story also featured Jean Marsh as Sara Kingdom.

The stories were released monthly from September till December 2014.

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# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
1.1 Domain of the Voord Andrew Smith Ken Bentley Voords September 2014 BFPDWEA01
1.2 The Doctor's Tale Marc Platt October 2014 BFPDWEA02
1.3 The Bounty of Ceres Ian Potter Lisa Bowerman November 2014 BFPDWEA03
1.4 An Ordinary Life Matt Fitton Ken Bentley December 2014 BFPDWEA04

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