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Series 11 of the revived Doctor Who ran between 7 October 2018 and 9 December 2018. It starred Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor, Bradley Walsh as Graham, Tosin Cole as Ryan and Mandip Gill as Yasmin. The series opened with The Woman Who Fell to Earth and concluded with The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos, although it could be argued that the following special, Resolution, brought actual closure to the series.

A series of behind the scenes features were released to YouTube.

Overview Edit

It consisted of ten stories and episodes. With the beginning of this series, the show was now helmed by new showrunner Chris Chibnall.[1][2]

A female Doctor Edit

Chris Chibnall revealed in July 2017 that he "always knew I wanted the 13th Doctor to be a woman, and we're thrilled to have secured our number one choice."[3][4] Prior to Jodie's reveal, bets on who would be the next Doctor were hype, with names like Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Kris Marshall among fan favourites.[5]

Whittaker, herself, stated, "I'm beyond excited to begin this epic journey … It's more than an honour to play the Doctor [...] It feels completely overwhelming, as a feminist, as a woman, as an actor, as a human, as someone who wants to continually push themselves and challenge themselves, and not be boxed in by what you're told you can and can't be."[3]

Peter Capaldi, Whittaker's predecessor, stated his full confidence that "she's going to be a fantastic Doctor". "Anyone who has seen Jodie Whittaker's work will know that she is a wonderful actress of great individuality and charm. She has above all the huge heart to play this most special part."[3] Capaldi had previously expressed that he wanted the next actor to take the role to finally be a woman.[6]

In an interview with Doctor Who Magazine, Whittaker stated that the new incarnation will not fundamentally change the character of the Doctor, saying: "It's a brand new body, and the body happens to be female."[7]

In an interview with Rolling Stone on 5 September 2017, Whittaker said that: "As a young girl, I did not think that 'Time Lord' would ever be on my CV." She continued: "I’m playing an alien and gender is not a part of that. A moment like this of being the first woman cast as something, it makes you really think about your sex, whereas actually what you want to do is play a part where your gender is irrelevant. I am a woman, so I don't need to play that. And so for me, this was the most freeing experience because there's no right or wrong way to do it. The rules went out the window."[8]

Speaking exclusively to The Big Issue, Whittaker said she hoped her role as the Doctor would help people to start seeing women as more than just a genre.[9]

Speaking to Doctor Who Magazine, Jodie revealed that her Doctor would be "high energy" and that "…every episode requires a different side to her".[10]

New TARDIS team Edit

On 22 October 2017, it was revealed that Whittaker would be joined by Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole in the TARDIS, as well as Sharon D Clarke joining the show as a "returning role". The BBC said in a statement: "New head writer and executive producer Chris Chibnall, who made the decision to cast the first ever woman in the iconic role, is also shaking up who will travel with the Doctor in [the TARDIS], with a team of new characters", at the same time also confirming that the new series would run through 10 weeks, with 50 minutes each episode and kicking off with a feature-length opener.[11]

Jodie Whittaker further told Times Magazine that there would be no romance between the TARDIS crew.[12]

In a video recorded by the BBC America, Jodie teased huge character arcs for the Doctor and her companions.[13]

Speaking to Digital Spy, Chibnall and Jodie revealed that the new series would not be focused on the Doctor, saying it would have "an ensemble feel".[14]

Changes in production Edit

In early 2018, Murray Gold announced his departure from Doctor Who at the Gallifrey One convention, confirming that the 2017 Christmas Special, Twice Upon a Time, was his last episode.[15] On 26 June it was announced that Segun Akinola, would be composing the music for the new era, including a fresh new take on the legendary theme tune, which Akinola said he was "thrilled" about.[16] Akinola later revealed that his version of the new theme would feature original recordings of the very first Delia Derbyshire BBC Radiophonic Workshop tune from 1963.[17]

Series 11 is the first Doctor Who job for the visual effects company DNEG, whose previous work can be found on Blade Runner 2049, Interstellar and Inception.[18][19] Series 11 would set a record for the most CGI/VFX effects ever used in the franchise.[20]

Promotion Edit

A teaser was released on 21 February 2018. The new logo was designed by the LittleHawk agency following Chris Chibnall and Matt Strevens' directions, while the music and sound effects were the work of Matthew Herbert.[21]

On 13 July, the BBC released a 12-second soundless teaser showing off the new insignia cut into rock, followed by a black screen which reads, "The Universe is Calling".[22]

On 15 July, the BBC released a new teaser during the half-time of the football World Cup, which showed a brief introduction of the new companions, Ryan, Yasmin and Graham, and lastly the Doctor herself.[23] The music of the trailer was composed by Jamie Salisbury.[24]

Series 11 promotional image 2

A promotional picture of the Thirteenth Doctor and her sonic screwdriver, by Flore Maquin.

Series 11 sunset promotional image

A promotional image of the Thirteenth Doctor looking at her TARDIS in the distance, by Shaun Dooley.[25]

On 19 July, the official trailer for series 11 was revealed in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, along with the new sonic screwdriver.[26]

On 7 September, a second teaser trailer was released showing the Doctor standing in the middle of a great hall, while a glass ceiling crashes down around her, with "Glorious" by Macklemore and Skylar Grey playing in the background.[27]

On 20 September, a second trailer for the series was released, giving a better look at some of the locations and revealing a few of the new enemies. This trailer also used the song Glorious.[28]

A preview clip for The Woman Who Fell to Earth was released on 28 September.[29] This happens to be the same clip that was leaked back in late June.[30]

The New Year Special promises "epic, festive fun".[31] Nikesh Patel later told Doctor Who Magazine that it would be a "popcorn, blockbuster", with Chibnall adding that it would be set on New Year's.[32] For the Special, the Doctor has added a scarf to her choice of clothes. The scarf in question was brought on set by make-up designer Claire Pritchard for production designer Arwel Wyn Jones who in turn was seen wearing it by costume designer Ray Holman who brought it to Jodie Whittaker.[33]

Chibnall has confirmed that Resolution will tie up a lot of loose ends from the series, and will therefore serve as the "de facto" series 11 finale.[34]

Other notable changes Edit

During an interview at the Comic-Con on 19 July, Chibnall stated that series 11 would be all standalone episodes.[35] Matt Strevens told Empire magazine that Series 11 would be "a box of chocolates", giving viewers something new in each episode.[36]

Chibnall further confirmed that the Daleks would not return for the entire series[37], saying "I don’t know how many times I need to say it. There are no old monsters this series".[38]. Furthermore, there would be no River Song, Missy, Paternoster Gang or Cybermen.[39]

The following New Year Special, however went on to feature a new kind of Dalek.

The New Years Special furthermore marked the second of its kind, not seen since 2010, and replaced the annual Christmas Special, which had been a consistent part of the show since its return in 2005.

In an interview, Chibnall told that the new series would have something for everyone, hoping that while bringing in new viewers, the long-term fans could expect everything they love about the show, saying "The show has a history of renewal, while also staying faithful to what it is."[40] Whittaker further said that this would be a very inclusive series, saying "Doctor Who is for everyone and anyone…".[41]

Jodie Whittaker revealed that the series would "go back to basics", being as simplistic and easily understandable as possible, given recent series' decline in viewing numbers and criticisms for being too convoluted.[42]

Whittaker and Chibnall said, during an interview with The Times, that this Doctor would have "no tears" (a far cry from recent incarnations) and would be more outward-looking compared to Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor[38].

Broadcast Edit

Sharmill Films announced a cinema event for series 11[43] that saw The Woman Who Fell to Earth shown in select cinemas in Australia and New Zealand. BTS stuff was also be shown.[44] The AMC Theatres chain showed said episode on 10 October in the U.S., also including bonus content,[45] it was done in collaboration with Fathom Events.[46]

The timeslot for the series was changed from the usual Saturdays to a Sunday slot with the following special being shown on a Tuesday in order to fit a New Year broadcast.

After the UK broadcast, ABC iView premiered the episodes. Following that, ABC Comedy ran the fan show Whovians, hosted by Rove McManus.[44]

A press launch screening of The Woman Who Fell to Earth occurred on 24 September in Sheffield. Fans were able to attend the Red Carpet and meet the cast up close, but the actual screening was invite-only.[47] The press launch screening was scheduled to happen in the Light Cinema.[48]

The opening episode, The Woman Who Fell to Earth was screened at New York Comic Con in the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden at 1.45pm simultaneously to its premiere on BBC America. The screening was followed by a Q&A panel with Jodie, Chibnall and Matt Strevens.[49]

Along with each episode, a one-minute Case File was released. In it, Yasmin Khan spoke about the monster(s) of the week, resurrecting a form that had been used years previously with Monster Files.

A special press screening was held at BFI Southbank on the 18 December, attended by Chibnall, Whittaker, Yip and various others.[50]

A special screening of the New Year Special was held by Event Brite at The Red Lion Pub in Illinois, Chicago on the 1 January 2019.[51]

Cast Edit

Recurring Edit

Guest Edit

Production Edit

Unusually, series 11 had a global premiere, with many markets around the world having at least the same start time. Oddly, though, The Woman Who Fell to Earth was initially broadcast in an altered visual form in some markets. Although it was the first episode of the programme filmed in a 2:1 aspect ratio, its global premiere on networks like BBC America and Space was actually in the previous standard of 16:9. This had the effect of truncating some of the frame.

Crew Edit

Producers Edit

Tash Montlake was one of the production assistants.

Chris Chibnall and Matt Strevens were co-executive producers.[52] They were later joined by Sam Hoyle.[53] Nikki Wilson returned[54][55], this time as series producer, now joined by Alex Mercer, the new producer.[56]

In an interview with Television Magazine in June 2017, Chibnall revealed a "five-year plan" for his reign as showrunner and promised that it would be "bold" and "risky".[57]

Writers Edit

Alongside Chris Chibnall, a variety of new names have been confirmed to pen the series. These are Malorie Blackman, who previously wrote an official Seventh Doctor tie-in novella, Ed Hime, Vinay Patel, Pete McTighe and Joy Wilkinson.[58] Chibnall wrote episode 1 and 2.[59]

When interviewed for an issue of SFX Magazine, Chibnall revealed that the writers had no idea that they were writing stories for a female Doctor, saying "a lot of drafts of scripts have got 'he' in".[60]

Directors Edit

Jamie Childs directed the trailer that revealed Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor.[61] He also directed the opening block for this series[62] consisting of episodes 1 and 7, as well as episodes 9 and 10.[63] Sallie Aprahamian directed the third filming block[56] consisting of episode 4 and 6.[63] Mark Tonderai directed episodes 2 and 3.[64] Jennifer Perrott directed episodes 5 and 8.[63] Wayne Yip will direct this series' holiday special[55], which will be a New Year Special, rather than Christmas.[65] Another source says Childs will direct episode 6.[66]

It Takes You Away - BTS photo

BTS from It Takes You Away, with a cut monster played by Paul Sturgess.

Acting Edit

At the premiere of The Woman Who Fell to Earth in Sheffield on 24 September, Jodie Whittaker revealed that for episode 1 only, she did all of her own stunts. For the remainder of the series, Whittaker's stunt double Belinda McGinley took over. Tosin Cole additionally added that he acted being bad at riding a bicycle,[67] because of his character's dyspraxia.[68]

At the same event, Bradley Walsh revealed that he's wearing a wig for the entire series, due to his character's requirement to look older, and him not being that old, and because he's hosting The Chase too.[69]

Filming Edit

Jodie Whittaker used the codename "The Clooney", a reference to actor George Clooney, when discussing her role.[70]

On the 3 August 2018, it was announced that filming of series 11 had officially wrapped.[71]

During auditions, the show was referred to as "Plane Hitters".[72]

Television stories Edit

Regular series Edit

# Title Writer Director Notes
1 The Woman Who Fell to EarthChris ChibnallJamie Childs First full-length story with Thirteenth Doctor. Introduction to Graham O'Brien, Grace O'Brien, Ryan Sinclair and Yasmin Khan. 65-minute opener. Introduction of the Stenza.
2 The Ghost MonumentMark Tonderai First appearance of the new opening title sequence. Debut of the Thirteenth Doctor's TARDIS design. New companions' first alien planet.
3 RosaMalorie Blackman & Chris ChibnallRyan, Yaz and Graham's first trip to the past, where they meet Rosa Parks on the verge of the Civil Rights Movement. The Doctor Who theme is omitted from the end credits. Instead, "Rise Up" by Andra Day is played.
4 Arachnids in the UKChris ChibnallSallie AprahamianIntroduction to Najia, Hakim and Sonya Khan. Graham, Ryan and Yaz choose to continue their travels with the Doctor.
5 The Tsuranga ConundrumJennifer PerrottThe Doctor gets separated from the TARDIS again. The world in this story was created entirely with CGI/VFX.[73][20]
6 Demons of the PunjabVinay PatelJamie ChildsTeam TARDIS travel to the Partition of India. Reappearances of Najia, Hakim and Sonya Khan. The Doctor Who theme is given a special Indian rendition for the end credits.
7 Kerblam!Pete McTigheJennifer PerrottTeam TARDIS travel to a warehouse on the moon of a colony to discover an evil plot to murder its customers.
8 The WitchfindersJoy WilkinsonSallie AprahamianTeam TARDIS encounter the witch trials of the 17th century and meet King James I.
9 It Takes You AwayEd HimeJamie ChildsTeam TARDIS discover a portal to an ancient-time mirror dimension which can potentially damage all of reality.
10 The Battle of Ranskoor Av KolosChris ChibnallReappearance of Tzim-Sha and reveal of what happened to him. Return of SniperBots.

New Year special Edit

# Title Writer Director Notes
N/A ResolutionChris ChibnallWayne YipReturn of the Dalek race, in the form of a reconnaissance scout Dalek.

Episode notes Edit

Aliens and enemies Edit

Adaptations and merchandising Edit

Home media Edit

DVD / Blu-ray Edit

The eleventh series was released on DVD and Blu-ray on 14 January 2019 in Region 2/B,[77] on 29 January 2019 in Region 1/A,[78] and will be released in Region 4/B on 30 June 2019.[79] The Woman Who Fell to Earth and Resolution will get separate releases, in Regions 4/B and 1/A respectively.[80][81]

Novels Edit

Audiobooks Edit

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Footnotes Edit

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