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The tenth series in the Short Trips range of audios was released by Big Finish Productions in 2020.


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The stories were released monthly between 30 January and December 2020.



# Title Author Director Performer Doctor Featuring Released Pr. code
10.1 The Infinite Today Sharon Bidwell Nicholas Briggs Katy Manning 11th Jo Jones 30 January 2020 BFMSTDL61
10.2 Deleted Scenes Angus Dunican Lisa Bowerman Frazer Hines 2nd Jamie 14 February 2020 BFMSTDL62
10.3 Decline of the Ancient Mariner[1] Rob Nisbet Mark Reynolds 3rd Sarah March 2020 BFMSTDL63
10.4 Dead Woman Walking[1] Roland Moore Sophie Aldred 7th Ace April 2020 BFMSTDL64
10.5 Regeneration Impossible[2] Alfie Shaw Nicholas Briggs Jacob Dudman 11th Twelfth Doctor May 2020 BFMSTDL65
10.6 Out of the Deep[3] John Pritchard Peter Purves 1st Steven June 2020 BFMSTDL66
10.7 Downward Spiral[4] Alan Flanagan Sarah Sutton 5th Nyssa July 2020 BFMSTDL67
10.8 These Stolen Hours[5] Grace Knight India Fisher 6th Charley August 2020 BFMSTDL68
10.9 Her Own Bootstraps[6] Amy Veeres Jacob Dudman 9th September 2020 BFMSTDL69
10.10 The Meaning of Red[7] Rod Brown Nicola Bryant 5th Peri October 2020 BFMSTDL70
10.11 Blue Boxes[8] Erin Horakova Mark Reynolds 3rd Liz November 2020 BFMSTDL71
10.12 The Shattered Hourglass[9] Robert Napton Neve McIntosh 10th Time Agency December 2020 BFMSTDL72


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