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Series 10 of Doctor Who ran between 25 December 2016 and 25 December 2017. It starred Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor, Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts, Matt Lucas as Nardole and Michelle Gomez as Missy. The regular series was preceded by The Return of Doctor Mysterio, opened with The Pilot, concluded with The Doctor Falls and followed by Twice Upon a Time.

In early 2018, Murray Gold announced his departure from Doctor Who at the Gallifrey One convention, confirming that the 2017 Christmas Special, Twice Upon A Time, was his last episode.

Overview Edit

It consisted of twelve stories and fourteen episodes. The series introduced Bill Potts as a new companion of the Doctor, the first openly gay companion alongside the Doctor on TV with Nardole continuing to travel with him. The series was most noticeable for reintroducing the "Saxon" incarnation of the Master, and the First Doctor. Also seen was the first ever female Ice Warrior on TV and the original design for the Cybermen, only seen beforehand in The Tenth Planet. Alpha Centauri also made a cameo in Empress of Mars. This series also introduced the first female incarnation of the Doctor.

The first confirmation of plans for this series were revealed in the BBC Worldwide Annual Review on 14 July 2015.[1] On 6 November 2015, in an interview with the Radio Times, Steven Moffat confirmed a full series as well as a Christmas special.[2] Series 10 was the last for both Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor[3], and Steven Moffat as head writer and executive producer of the show.[4]

The series story arc primarily focussed on Missy and how the Twelfth Doctor made a deal to guard her in a vault for 1000 years. Despite Nardole's protests to not adventure or interact with her while lecturing at St Luke's University, the Doctor desired to change Missy's outlook on life, away from her evil ways in the hopes of renewing their strong friendship from long ago.

While here, the Doctor met Bill Potts, who strangely went to his lectures despite not studying at the university. The Doctor personally offered to tutor her and, after helping her in an encounter with a mysterious creature, decided to take her on adventures in his TARDIS.

The series concluded with the Doctor's attempts to transform Missy ultimately failing after encountering her predecessor on a Mondasian Colony ship, where she joined him against the Doctor.

The Doctor and Bill were killed in battle defending the residents from the Master's Cybermen army while Nardole was condemned to the upper floors to keep defending the children should the Cybermen ever reach them. Bill managed to survive the ordeal after her friend Heather transformed her into sentient oil like her. As for the Doctor, he managed to survive through regeneration, though he temporarily delayed it.

After one last adventure with his original incarnation, the Twelfth Doctor regenerated into a female incarnation. She soon fell from her TARDIS because it malfunctioned after suffering critical damage during the regeneration, falling to Earth.

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and introducing Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor

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The Tenth Planet Edit

Production Edit

The first readthrough began on 14 June 2016,[6] with filming beginning on 20 June.[7]

On 23 August 2016, it was rumoured that filming on series 10 would continue to 31 March 2017.[8] This proved not to be true, as filming wrapped on 7 April 2017.[9]

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Producers Edit

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Writers Edit

Steven Moffat, as head writer, wrote the series opener The Pilot, episode six Extremis, and the two part finale episodes World Enough and Time and The Doctor Falls. He also wrote the Christmas special for 2017, Twice Upon a Time as Chris Chibnall decided against starting his Doctor's tenure with the special.

Mark Gatiss wrote Empress of Mars for the tenth series. According to Doctor Who Magazine, it was the ninth episode in the series.[10] Jamie Mathieson wrote episode five, Oxygen.

New writer Mike Bartlett penned episode four, Knock Knock. Sarah Dollard penned the third episode, Thin Ice.

Classic series writer Rona Munro, known for the episode Survival, wrote the tenth episode titled The Eaters of Light. This marks the first time a writer of the original series contributed to the revived series. Munro told Doctor Who Magazine that: "Writing Survival was my dream job, but it was a mournful time in the show's history. This has been a very different experience. There's more of everything; people, resources, confidence, success… but the same constantly renewing and indefinable wonder that is Doctor Who," and added, "When I was very small and watching the First Doctor, I had a special cushion known as 'Rona's Doctor Whocushion'. I would hide my face in it when the Daleks or other monsters appeared on screen! The Eaters of Light is my version of other stories that have haunted me for almost as long."[11]

Peter Harness wrote episode seven, The Pyramid at the End of the World and Toby Whithouse wrote episode eight, The Lie of the Land[10] In the magazine's June 2017 issue, Moffat told Doctor Who Magazine that he personally wrote the final draft of episode seven close to filming of the episode's production block.[12]

Directors Edit

The March 2017 issue of Doctor Who Magazine listed all the directors apart from those in the final two episodes, which at the time of printing had not yet begun shooting. Lawrence Gough directed episodes 1 and 2, The Pilot and Smile; Bill Anderson directed episodes 3 and 4, Thin Ice and Knock Knock; Charles Palmer directed episodes 5 and 10, Oxygen and The Eaters of Light; Daniel Nettheim directed episodes 6 and 7, Extremis and The Pyramid at the End of the World; and Class director Wayne Yip directed episodes 8 and 9, The Lie of the Land and Empress of Mars.[10]

On 6 March 2017, Rachel Talalay was announced by the BBC as the director of episodes 11 and 12, World Enough and Time and The Doctor Falls.[13]

Filming Edit

In 2015, production designer Michael Pickwoad said in an interview on the podcast Radio Free Skaro that work on the new series "won't start until well into the New Year", and that he expected to start filming in May.[14] Peter Capaldi said filming would begin " year."[15]

Although originally reported as beginning in May 2016, filming commenced on the 20th of June.[16]

To avoid online leaks, the production team used the codeword "Mean Town", an anagram of "Ten Woman", when talking about Bill, casting director Andy Pryor revealed to the Radio Times. This was a reference to the fact that Bill is the companion of series 10.[17]

The working title of The Pilot was A Star In Her Eye.[18][19]

In the line-up to the beginning of series 10, a bunch of small videos were released with Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor, in which three of these featured a description that Steven Moffat himself used for the Doctor in 2013.[20][21]

On 24 June, 2017, Benjamin Cook, writer of Doctor Who Magazine, confirmed on Twitter that the pre-titles sequence in World Enough and Time was shot two weeks prior to broadcast, during the production of the 2017 Christmas special[22]

At a Live Q&A on 24 June, 2017, after the broadcast of World Enough and Time, Steven Moffat said that the second part The Doctor Falls had not finished filming, leading to a possible delay in the broadcast.[23] Peter Capaldi's final scene on set had been his regeneration scene, just as his first scene in TV: Deep Breath had been him emerging from the TARDIS.[24] By the end of July 2017, Moffat stated that Jodie Whittaker had already filmed her half of the regeneration scene. [25]

Twice Upon A Time was originally rumoured to be titled The Doctors.[26][27]

Television stories Edit

Christmas special Edit

Title Writer Director Notes
N/AThe Return of Doctor MysterioSteven MoffatEd BazalgetteReturn of Nardole and the Shoal of the Winter Harmony.

Regular series Edit

Title Writer Director Notes
1 The PilotSteven MoffatLawrence Gough
Introduction of Bill Potts, Moira and St Luke's University, and the vault underneath. Reappearance of the Daleks and Movellans.
2 SmileFrank Cottrell-BoyceBill's first trip into the future, to a human colony planet.
3 Thin IceSarah DollardBill AndersonBill's first trip to the past: the last great frost fair, 1814.
4 Knock KnockMike BartlettBill gets her own place, but the house is out to eat her, as well as her mates.
5 OxygenJamie MathiesonCharles PalmerAt a mining space station, saving Bill from danger, and exposure to the vacuum of space, causes the Doctor to go blind.
6 ExtremisSteven MoffatDaniel NettheimThe Doctor, Bill and Nardole have to find the secret of an old book in a hidden library, but something is wrong. First appearance of the Monks. Reappearance of Missy and Moira.
7 The Pyramid at the End of the WorldPeter Harness & Steven MoffatA mysterious pyramid appears out of nowhere, and the Monks are asking human kind to consent to their rule. Bill consents, and the Doctor has his eyesight restored.
8 The Lie of the Land Toby WhithouseWayne Yip The Monks have successfully taken over the world and require obedience. Bill must figure out what happened to the Doctor and how to defeat the Monks. Reappearance of Missy. Archive footage is used to form reappearances of the Daleks, Cybermen and Weeping Angels.
9 Empress of MarsMark GatissThe Doctor, Bill and Nardole travel to Mars after NASA discovers a message on the surface. Victorian soldiers are facing a battle with a mighty warrior race. Return of the Ice Warriors. Cameo appearance by Alpha Centauri. Reappearance of Missy.
10 The Eaters of LightRona MunroCharles PalmerThe Doctor takes Bill and Nardole to the 2nd century because Bill thinks she knows what happened to the Ninth Legion of the Roman Empire, but a strange beast is lurking in the forests. Reappearance of Missy.
11 & 12 World Enough and Time / The Doctor FallsSteven MoffatRachel TalalayReturn of the Mondasian Cybermen. Final appearance and death of Missy. Return and death of the Saxon Master. Reappearance of the sentient oil Heather. Return of the First Doctor. Departures of Bill Potts and Nardole.

Christmas special Edit

Title Writer Director Notes
N/ATwice Upon a TimeSteven MoffatRachel Talalay

Return of the First Doctor and Bill Potts. The Twelfth Doctor regenerates into the Thirteenth Doctor. Introduction of Captain Lethbridge-Stewart. Appearances by Ben, Polly, Nardole, Rusty and Clara.

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DVD / Blu-ray Edit

All episodes of Series 10 were released on a DVD box set on 13 November 2017. The episodes were split over five discs with a special sixth disc containing special features, notably the deleted scenes. The box set also included the 2016 Christmas special The Return of Doctor Mysterio.

Name Number and duration
of episodes
Doctor Who: Series 10, Disc 1
The Return of Doctor Mysterio
The Pilot
1 x 50 min
1 × 45 min.
Doctor Who: Series 10, Disc 2
Thin Ice
3 × 45 min.
Doctor Who: Series 10, Disc 3
The Pyramid at the End of the World
The Lie of the Land
1 x 50 min
2 × 45 min.
Doctor Who: Series 10, Disc 4
Empress of Mars
The Eaters of Light
2 × 45 min.
Doctor Who: Series 10, Disc 5
World Enough and Time
The Doctor Falls
1 x 45 min
1 × 60 min.

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Footnotes Edit

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