The SerfBoard in Sarah Jane Smith's attic. (TV: The Man Who Never Was)

The SerfBoard was a standard low-specification laptop computer developed by Serf Systems as part of a plot by its PR, John Harrison, after the death of Joseph Serf in a skiing accident in Val d'Isère in 2007. Harrison had Serf replaced with an advanced hologram of him so as far as the public were concerned, he was still alive. This hologram was maintained by Skullion slaves. The fake Serf advertised the SerfBoard, claiming that the computer was revolutionary when it was actually, in Harrison's own words, "rubbish", and dismissed by Clyde Langer as simply 'bog-standard' rather than the revolution that had been implied. It was the hologram's hypnotic ability that convinced everyone to buy the SerfBoards, which would make Harrison rich. This plot was foiled by Sarah Jane Smith, who freed the Skullions. Luke Smith and Sky Smith then controlled the hologram of Serf, and made him hypnotise people into not caring about the SerfBoard. (TV: The Man Who Never Was)

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