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Separation was the second short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: 2040. It was written by Tara Samms. It featured the Seventh Doctor.


Manda, an employee of Buildworth, sees "ghosts" in her domicile. She and most of the other residents avoid human contact whenever possible.

One day while checking her mail, she encounters the Seventh Doctor. She avoids speaking to him. She later receives a note telling her that her ghosts are real. The next day she receives a package containing a sticky tendril which scurries away under some furniture.

Manda sees ghosts of the Doctor and her downstairs neighbour, Kenny, in her bedroom. Kenny also received a tendril, as did several others in the domicile block, according to the Doctor. The Doctor explains that the tendrils are the spores of a "thing" that feeds on conflict and is now weak, but if it stays with the lonely people in the domicile, it will recover its strength. Later, Kenny tells Manda that the Doctor told him they have to start talking with the other residents, as the creature can't deal with such interaction. Despite their reluctance, Manda and Kenny agree to do so.



  • Kenny gives Manda some tea while they decide what to do.


  • Nothing is revealed about the creature's nature or origin, is only referred to by the Doctor as "it" and "the thing", and its physical description is not provided. Nor is it revealed if the residents are ultimately successful in destroying it.


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